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Green Day And Actions Realized Team Up To Benefit Children’s Hospital And Research Center Oakland

greenday-actionsrealizedGreen Day announced that they would collaborate with Actions REALized to create a line of decks to benefit Children’s Hospital and Research Center Oakland.  Skateboarding and music can be a positive force for change. That simple thought is something REAL and Green Day have always believed.

Longtime friends Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day and Jim Thiebaud Co-Founder of REAL Skateboards have always talked about doing something together and the time and cause for this was just right. The full story, with video, photos and benefit decks is now live at

A portion of the proceeds from these decks will be donated to Children’s Hospital and Research Center Oakland. Children’s Hospital and Research Center Oakland is the Bay Area’s only independent children’s hospital. For over 100 years, its mission has been to take care of every child who needs help, regardless of ability to pay.

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