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Adrian Grenier’s WRECKROOM Expands Services, Launches Label, Fosters Fresh Talent

Making Serious Moves!
Making Serious Moves!

When actor/entrepreneur Adrian Grenier built a recording studio in his Brooklyn home’s basement, his intentions were simple: create a space for friends to write, perform, and record music. However, the equipped studio, appropriately dubbed the WRECKROOM at its launch last May, has evolved and become a breeding ground for fresh talent — a music incubatorthat has helped develop over fifty artists by providing free engineer time, recording equipment, video sessions, and a built in audience to see the final product.

The WRECKROOM is now expanding its services, which you can see from the re-designed website they launched last week. Even more opportunities are now available for artists as WRECKROOM Records has begun to release full EPs and  initiated a new video series titled “Under the Covers” in which artists perform their version of tried and true tracks.

WRECKROOM seeks to develop and promote artists who are pushing creative boundaries. Artists are vetted by Grenier and his team: Damien Paris, Mike Frankel, and Brian Koerber. The two bands that have served as ambassadors of WRECKROOM thus far are Radkey and The Skins.

Radkey is a punk ‘n roll band consisting of three teenage brothers from St. Joseph, Missouri who enjoy video games and the Kansas City Royals just as much as Nirvana and the Misfits.

The Skins are three Brooklyn siblings and two of their friends, all of whom are under the age of twenty. Exploring metal, rock and soul sounds, the combination of Daisy Spencer and Russell Chell’s dual blistering guitars and Bayli Mckeithan’s powerhouse lead vocals illuminate the band’s menacing and mysterious signature style.

Not only do these acts have a ripe amount of youthful rebellion on their side, they each have an EP coming out this summer on WRECKROOM Records. To see a preview of what’s to come from them you can watch WRECKROOM session performances of Radkey’s “Cat & Mouse”HERE and The Skins’ “Surf” HERE.

Like Radkey and The Skins, all selected musicians join the team for a full day session, in which they professionally record an original song and film a live-style music video. The song is later made available on a pay-what-you-want basis on Bandcamp, while the edited videos are available on YouTube. More info on WRECKROOM and the artists they work with are available at the links below.