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Open Air Stereo Release Video For “Stuck On You”


OPEN AIR STEREO–Chase Johnson (lead vocals), Nick Gross (drums), Scott Pounds (guitars), Evan Smith (bass)—has just released the video for “Stuck On You,” the first single from their debut album, PRIMATES, which was released May 21 on Goomba Music.  Anthony Leondari is at the director’s helm (who also directed Imagine Dragons “It’s Time”).

You can check it out on the band’s YouTube page or watch it below!

Fans might remember OPEN AIR STEREO from MTV’s series, “Laguna Beach.”  Johnson became a main character in the series, which featured OPEN AIR STEREO prominently.  The series concluded with the band’s sold-out performance at The Roxy in Los Angeles.  Pounds joined the band around that time, and the band marvels to this day over being able to find such a talented guitarist through a Craigslist ad.

At the time they were being featured on the TV show, OPEN AIR STEREO signed to Sony Epic Records, and were diligently working on recording their debut album.  Over a year-and-a-half of writing and recording eventually hit a creative blockade, and the sessions stalled.  The band split for about three years, unsure of the future and uncertain that the music they had worked so hard to create would ever see the light of day.

They reconvened in 2011 and got back to work on PRIMATES.  With a mix of songs written by the band and some co-written collaborations, PRIMATES is an exercise in the tight, economical execution of rock and roll.  It was produced by an array of producers including Gavin Brown, Mike Plotnikoff, and Peter Stengaard; a large part of the writing on the album is with Marti Fredrikson (Daughtry, Aerosmith, Def Leppard).  With PRIMATES, the band has filtered their various influences through their own personal experiences to arrive with a fully realized and confident debut album.

The album’s title was inspired by mankind’s own evolutionary cousins, giving the band a moment to reflect on their own personal evolution through time, perfecting their craft and going through the growing pains to emerge on the other side as a stronger, leaner, fitter band.