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Album Review: Tom Keifer’s Solo Gem “The Way Life Goes”


As the frontman of Cinderella, Tom Keifer became one of the most recognizable voices in rock ‘n’ roll during the 80s and 90s. During a decade of decadence, Keifer and company managed to balance both style and substance, cementing themselves if one of the most creatively sound bands of the genre. The road he has traveled has been far from easy. His future was once a huge question mark after learning he suffered a partially paralyzed left vocal cord and was told he would never sing again. Keifer’s never say die attitude lead him to years of training and experimentation to overcome an obstacle that could have crushed a lesser man. “The Way Life Goes” (available via Merovee Records through Warner Music Group’s Independent Label Group) is not only the first solo album from Tom Keifer but also serves as his first full-length release from since 1994. This eagerly awaited album was creating by Keifer over the course of ten years and is definitely worth the wait.

Tom Keifer Shines On New Solo Record
Tom Keifer Shines On New Solo Record

The album is a roller coaster ride of songs, pack with Keifer’s own brand of rock ‘n’ roll swagger infused with raw, unfiltered emotion. The 14 songs on this album cover an amazing amount of music ground and from the hard rock that introduced him and Cinderella to the masses to more intimate, soul bearing creations to instantly ear catching acoustic numbers. You can hear Keifer’s influences in throughout and it evokes of moody, captivating vibe of what might have been had he taken a turn away from the Sunset Strip in the 80s. The album is multi-layered and brilliantly showcases this often overlooked artist’s amazing abilities as a songwriter. The soul he pours into each song can be felt from start to finish. To me, a long time fan of his work, “The Way Life Goes” is Keifer’s most fully realized and impressive work to date. A true rarity, this album doesn’t possess a single weak track and takes the listen on an incredibly rich and emotional journey along the way. With a little luck, we won’t have to wait a decade to hear more of his incredible solo work!

Standout track includes on “The Way Life Goes include “Solid Ground, “A Different Light”, “It’s Not Enough”, “Babylon” and “Thick and Thin”.

RATING: 4.5 out of 5

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