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Watch KICK-ASS Packed Behind-The-Scenes Secrets, Stories And Exclusive Interviews On YEAH!

yeah-logo-2013Before you see KICK-ASS 2 in theaters, watch the original KICK-ASS in a whole new way on YEAHTV.com  The film is now available to watch in a whole new way because it includes interactive extras like behind-the-scenes secrets and stories, and exclusive new interviews.  The film features interviews with KICK-ASS creator Mark Millar, and Red Mist himself, Christopher Mintz-Plasse.

Watch KICK-ASS and enjoy hundreds of other secrets and stories by going to YEAH! now: http://www.yeahtv.com/rental/kick-ass/639

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YEAH! is an online movie site that takes your favorite movies – movies you know and love – and dissects them in ridiculous detail, surrounded by factoids, secrets, brand new interviews, quizzes, polls, and much, much more. It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen and it’s quite simply the best movie watching experience anywhere.

We think you’ll like it. So turn down the lights, pop some popcorn and let’s dig into some movies.

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