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ALPHA GIRLS: Get Your Thrills With An Awesome Satanic Sorority Slasher Film!


This week, we spotlight the awesome indie flick, “Alpha Girls”. Visit the official site for the film at www.alphagirlsmovie.com.

The Alpha Beta’s, lead by the super bitchy Veronica, are one of the hottest sororities on campus and they are looking for new pledges. Enter a new pledge class who spend most of their time in the sorority house being humiliated and forced into doing absurd things to garner prestige and meaning to their lives. Morgan, Cassidy, April, and Juliette are all loners who each have their own unique reasons for joining the sorority. Morgan wants everyone to like her, while Cassidy dreams of having power. Juliette wants to have the money she has never had and April would simply like to have good grades. Eventually the girls get fed up with Veronica’s tortuous ways and set out to teach her a lesson by playing a joke on her. After reading from the sorority’s charter, Cassidy conjures up the satanic past of the sorority and their innocent joke turns deadly. Soon the girls find themselves embroiled in a world where their wildest dreams and worst nightmares come true.

Available September 1st
Available September 1st

‘Alpha Girls’ is a fun satanic romp that kept my attention from start to finish, mostly due to the terrific cast. Falon Joslyn’s Morgan and Beverly Rivera’s Cassidy are central to the film and have a great onscreen chemistry. Their relationship is completely believable and is the pulse of the film. There are also great performances from Nikki Bell, Nicole Cinaglia, Kara Zhang, and Victoria Guthrie. Near the end of the film there is a cameo appearance from an actor who is tackling a character that no one would expect to see him portray.

For all of you die hard gore hounds out there, the film does dish out the red stuff in ample amounts. The deaths don’t break any new ground as far as originality, but they are effective and carried out fairly realistically for a low budget film. The soundtrack compliments the film well, especially the cover of ‘Amazing Grace’ set to the music of ‘House of the Rising Sun’. A post credits documentary on the satanic happenings at the Alpha Beta Sorority house was also a very nice touch.

‘Alpha Girls’ is clearly influenced by some of the horror genre’s best and is reminiscent of a film from the eighties. It is perfect for a Saturday night alone or your Halloween party this October. Give ‘Alpha Girls’ a chance, I don’t think you will be disappointed. I wasn’t.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Alpha Girls is available on iTunes, Amazon, and On Demand September 1, 2013

Written and Directed By: Tony Trov, Johnny Zito
Starring: Falon Joslyn, Beverly Rivera, Nikki Bell, Victoria Guthrie
Runtime: 90 Mins