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The Late Karen Black Speaks on the Unknown In ‘The Being Experience’ Clip


In honor of the late actress Karen Black, check out an exclusive video of the Academy Award-nominated actress talking about the unknown in one of her final interviews with filmmaker Jennifer Elster. Check it out below.

Jennifer Elster is the director of Karen Black’s upcoming feature film A WALK IN THE WOODS WITH KAREN BLACK from the film series collectively entitled THE BEING EXPERIENCE, and was a close friend of Black.

“Karen was one of the most unique people I have ever met.  She was raw and alive and open and adventurous and unafraid to reveal.  She was compassionate and loving and so genuinely generous that it’d take you aback until you realized it was true.  She experienced joy.  She got life.  She got love.  She was curious.”

On September 25th, check out the entire behind-the-scenes interview “It’s Okay To Be Afraid” on TheBeingExperience.com/channel

THE BEING EXPERIENCE is a multi-part film series that is a mystery to everyone, even its subjects. The film series embarks on a strange excursion through the woods and into the labyrinthine minds of the filmmaker and her subjects, where pathways always recede and nobody knows what’s going on. The Being Experience errs on the side of risk: delving into what is often unspoken and existing outside of the bounds of how we are expected to behave –a daring excursion that unabashedly dives into darkness along the way.

On the 25th of each month a new “ installment” (excerpt/fragment) is released at TheBeingExperience.com/channel. Penetrating depth, these social discourses drip out and into the world to find their place and . This is is an ongoing film series, to be released on a variety of platforms which will include a series of feature films. One of the first of which is Karen’s final feature film A WALK IN THE WOODS WITH KAREN BLACK.

THE BEING EXPERIENCE also features Terrence Howard, Famke Janssen, Dave Matthews,Temple Grandin, Moby, Alan Cumming, Rufus Wainwright, Will Shortz, Paz de la Huerta, Questlove, Debra Winger, Jorgen Leth, Jennifer Elster, Rosie Perez and Original vocalizations by Yoko Ono.