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Review: Ken Marino Shines In Tremendous Horror Comedy ‘Bad Milo’

'Bad Milo'
‘Bad Milo’

Duncan’s life isn’t exactly what most people would call ideal. If he isn’t being nagged by his mother, his boss is making his life a living hell at the office. To top it all off, Duncan also has issues with his less than loving father. As to be expected, Duncan develops severe stomach issues due to the overwhelming amount of stress in his day to day life. Fed up with his tortured existence and stomach pain, Duncan reaches out to a hypnotherapist for help in alleviating his problems. During this treatment Duncan realizes that incidents of high stress and anxiety agitate a small demon that resides in his bowels. Not only does this cause obvious physical pain to Duncan, it results in the demon exacting deadly revenge upon the people who have done him wrong. Convinced this demon will not stop it’s bloody rampage, Duncan attempts to bond with it and names him Milo. This proves to be a feeble endeavour, as Milo’s appetite to kill quickly overcomes any bond that may have formed between him and his host.

“Bad Milo!” is equally funny as it is terrifying, much of which can be attributed to the fantastic cast. While the relationship between Duncan and Milo is the crux of the film, I found myself more drawn into the relationship between Duncan and his hypnotist, Highsmith. Those performances by Ken Marino and Peter Stormare drive the film and give it more heart than I was expecting from a low budget horror film. Steven Root delivers a top notch and quirky performance as Duncan’s estranged father, who himself has his own set of deeply rooted problems. Community’s Gillian Jacobs is also wonderful in her portrayal of Duncan’s pushy wife Sarah.

I know what you’re thinking, this is a horror film right? What about the blood? I assure you, there is plenty of blood to go around in the film. Horror fans will not be disappointed when Milo unleashes his wrath upon those who have caused Duncan pain.

The Bottom Line: “Bad Milo!” is a film that must be seen if you are a fan of horror infused with comedy. I cannot recommend this film enough. Find a way to watch it now. — Steve Johnson of Icon Vs. Icon

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Bad Milo! is currently in theaters and is available on iTunes and On Demand.

Bad Milo! – 2013
85 Mins
Written By: Benjamin Hayes and Jacob Vaughan
Directed By: Jacob Vaughan
Starring: Ken Marino, Peter Stormare, Gillian Jacobs, Stephen Root
Distributed By: Magnet Releasing