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Balthazar Getty’s Solardrive Releases The “Lovely” Video


After 25 years of making music and establishing himself as an actor and producer, Balthazar Getty simply gets it. With a foot in each the visual and musical worlds Getty has mastered the art of visually capturing the story of a song. Teaming up again with director Severin Winzenberg, the video embodies the spirit of the Solardrive ethos by capturing a moment in time. Taking the DIY route, the video was shot on the fly on a trip to Europe. Getty’s co-star in the video is his daughter Violet. Of all the roles that Getty has played, producer, actor, and now label head, this video shows him in his most important role, as a dedicated and loving father.

The Solardrive album, released on Getty’s own Purplehaus Records came together organically in Getty’s pool house -cum studio, where he lived for a manic three weeks straight tinkering with his new gift, a pro-tools rig given to him by his  wife, and friend Joaquin Phoenix. Whoever happened to be at the house that day was roped into contribute to the recordings. Contributors to the album include, Rain Phoenix, Ozomatli vocalist/multi-intrumentalist Asdri Sierra, and Mother Tongue bassist David Gould.  The album borrows from funk, blues, electronica and draws from artists like  Massive Attack, Tricky and Portishead, all of whom had a large hand in shaping Getty’s adolescent’s.

VIBE Magazine said that  Solardrive feels like The Roots and James Brown had a baby, then amplified it with Massive Attack’s hormones” and  Indie Shuffle said, “It makes you want to keep on listening/repeating.” The Soladrive record is currently featured on Noisetrade and is available for download for a limited time.

Solardrive is the first of several releases slated for the Purplehaus label.