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Lamb of God Partners With Specticast For Theatrical Distribution of “As The Palaces Burn” Documentary Film

'As The Palaces Burn'
‘As The Palaces Burn’

SpectiCast, in association with Sony Music Entertainment and 9.14 Pictures, presents As The Palaces Burn – a film about metal icons Lamb of God, the zealous passion of their fan base, and the gut-wrenching manslaughter trial of lead singer Randy Blythe. The theatrical cinema event will conclude with a recently recorded, 30-minute Q&A conducted by VH1 Classics’ Eddie Trunk, that includes the entire band as well as director Don Argott. The Q&A will be shown at all theatrical and concert venue screenings.

As The Palaces Burn captures Lamb of God’s bizarre odyssey of world tour-turned-courtroom drama through its eye-watering conclusion, with exclusive courtroom footage and candid interviews from the trial and its aftermath.

As Lamb of God set out on the road to support their 2012 album Resolution, the film presents behind the scenes portrayal of the band members and the fans that make up their “diehard” fanbase, including a Colombian taxi driver whose friends and families have been slaughtered by the cartels, an Indian girl rebelling against the restrictive misogyny of her culture.

While reflecting at the Dead Sea, Blythe admitted, “I’m not exactly proud about some things I’ve done in my life but I don’t really regret them because it’s got me to a point now where I can look at them and say ‘I can do things a better way.'” The members of the band are complex, sensitive adults now, splitting time between touring the world, trying to be responsible fathers and husbands at home.

While on the European leg of their Resolution Tour, Czech authorities arrested Blythe and charged him with manslaughter (carrying a penalty of up to ten years in prison).  Apparently, a young Czech Lamb of God fan named Daniel Nosek died in 2010, following an injury he -received at a Lamb of God concert. Neither the band nor its management had any knowledge of the death until Blythe was arrested two years after the fact when the group tried to re-enter the country.

While the events and outcome of the trial may be a familiar story to metalheads, you don’t need any sort of background or appreciation of heavy metal to be swept away by this uncanny journey into guilt, responsibility, and redemption that is ultimately more about human beings than it is about head banging.

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