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Start Your Day With The Iron Sheik! Wrestling Legend Launches New App!

Go to bed a loser, wake up to a legend!
Go to bed a loser, wake up to a legend!

Page Magen, manager of the Iron Sheik, announces the launch of the new Iron Sheik Alarm Clock App bit.ly/ironsheik   available exclusively on ITunes.  Social media madman, pro wrestling hall of famer and former bodyguard to the Shah of Iran, The Iron Sheik brings his inimitable style to your daily wake-up call with his one of a kind messages designed to motivate and activate your inner personal LEGEND.


The Sheik Alarm Clock App is best described as an engaging, experientially-unique social application that allows the user to tap directly into the Sheik’s extremely vast opinion. His legendary status in social media (over 1 million followers and counting) allows him to say whatever he wants. By starting your day off using the Sheik Alarm clock, the Sheik feels that your day will start off motivated to become a Hall of Fame CHAMPION OF THE WORLD like the legend. In launching this new App, the Iron Sheik says, “If you don’t have the balls to pay $0.99 for this app, you are a no-good jabroni, piece of shit, low life and YOU CAN go fuck yourself FOREVER.”

The digital component features The Sheik’s notorious social media rants producing entirely exciting content. Supporting him allows him to live online forever and gives his adoring fans a way to live like The Legend. “He is forever the greatest. The REALEST man I have ever met” said Page Magen in announcing this no holds barred alarm app, “he will give you inspiration and… a kick in the butt every day.” The app will have bonus features added over the next few months so that his fans can continuously interact with the legend himself. The Sheik expresses that you will be the “Iron Sheik class” if you have the alarm –otherwise, go fuck yourself forever!

ITunes search: Iron Sheik Alarm Clock bit.ly/ironsheik 

Twitter handle: @the_ironsheik

Instagram: therealironsheik

Website: www.theironsheik.org