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ACID POP CULT PODCAST: Episode 97 – Idris Elba’s Hips Don’t Lie


This week on Acid Pop Cult, Jeremy and Jason are joined by Chris while Lee spends some time on the IR. Jason preps us for the upcoming trade and add/drop round in the Bad Karma Body Count. Chris reviews the new Supersuckers and Viogression releases, and also tells us why we should be listening to The Spaghetti Family podcast. Finally Jeremy (barely) keeps the Blaxploitation train moving forward in Lee’s absence with a look into the first “real” African American portrayed in comics, Neal Adam’s John Stewart aka Green Lantern. This, of course, is hot off the heels of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson teasing his fans with the idea of his being cast as John Stewart in an upcoming DC flick. Jason and Jeremy wax poetic about who they’d rather  see cast as the coolest Green Lantern. Spoiler Alert, Jeremy’s choice is in the title of the episode. Also, fun game to play at home, guess when Chris falls asleep, and a few other chances to win something are wrapped up in the stellar edition of Acid Pop Cult. Don’t like how long our episode (or episode descriptions) run? Fuck you. Why else would Jewish God create the pause button. ENJOY!

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