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ACID POP CULT PODCAST: Episode 100 – Still the Best Podcast You’ve Never Heard


This week on Acid Pop Cult, the boys are joined by Parker Bowman and Jason Frisbie of Pool Party Radio in celebration of APC’s 100th episode! Take a walk down memory lane with us as we give inside scoops to our favorite episodes and relive how this show got started.

This episode features some super deep cuts. We also reveal the winner to the O’Hare airport contest, discuss some sweet Bad Karma Body Count prizes to come, We chat about the positive and negative of a Ghostbusters 3, just how much Harold Ramis meant to Jeremy. The new Godzilla trailer, Legit with Jim Jeffries, and the return of Bates Motel are also brought up.

Join us won’t you? The latest episode of Acid Pop Cult is pipin’ hot and ready for you to enjoy! – Click to download!

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