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Nova Rockafeller Releases Epic ‘1990s’ Lyric Video

Nova Rockafeller
Nova Rockafeller

Canadian lazer-tag enthusiast/dirtbag rapper Nova Rockafeller (Island/Def Jam) presents her self-made lyric video for her single “1990s.” After numerous attempts at shooting her own music video, Nova purchased a green screen and turned her entire living room into the set of the lyric video. Over 30 days Nova worked by herself tirelessly editing, shooting and directing the video. The end result: Nova Rockafeller’s homage to the 1990s – complete with ripped jeans, flannels, Gameboys, and grunge references.

“I’ve been writing, directing and working on music videos for over two years but nobody on my team trusts me to shoot my music videos. So I set up a green screen in my house and then designed a lot of the backgrounds and pixel art and placed them in as layers in adobe premiere. I had my mother mail me VHS tapes of my childhood and downloaded gif backgrounds of all the best Mortal Kombat levels. I put myself into Wonderboy Level 1, which was the arcade game I had in my basement growing up. There was a ridiculous amount of video editing and I never want to do it again. I will probably do it again. Fuck.” – Nova Rockafeller on creating the lyric video

Nova pulls influences from everything between Busta Rhymes to Weezer. “1990s” is the first single off of her upcoming EP, and will be available for purchase on iTunes this spring. For more information on Nova Rockafeller, please visit