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Nova Rockafeller Premieres “1990s” Official Music Video

Nova Rockafeller
Nova Rockafeller

After much anticipation, Boardwalk recording artist – Nova Rockafeller – has finally unveiled her nostalgic ode to the nineties in the form of an official music video for her current single, “1990s.” Nova took a (very short) break from beating all of her competitors in laser tag to create a video that transports you into the era that introduced the world to Nirvana, Gameboys, pagers, flannel shirts and Wayne’s World. You may even catch catch a cameo of your favorite 90’s TV show principal at the end.

In a recent interview with  Fuse, Nova talked a little bit about making the video… and cereal- “I like videos a lot and I also really like Cookie Crisp. My second favorite cereal is Peanut Butter Cap’n Crunch. At the ‘1990s’ video shoot we ate burritos, which I don’t really like but I try to stay open minded.

You can purchase “1990s” on iTunes here: #iTunes