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Chris Fehn of Slipknot Announces Limited-Edition ‘Drum Art’ Collection”


Known to millions of metal fans worldwide as ‘number 3’, drummer Chris Fehn of Grammy award-winning multi-platinum Iowa-based metal band Slipknot has spent much of his career behind the many infamous masks he and his teammates are known for donning during their captivating live shows. Now, Fehn comes together with Los Angeles creativity house SceneFour to offer fans a glimpse of the man behind the mask with “Through The Darkness”, a limited-edition collection of unique visual fine art pieces that render his drumstrokes in living color.

Chris Fehn
Chris Fehn

Slipknot turned a cult following into an international smash with the 1995 release of their eponymous Roadrunner debut, which swiftly went multi-platinum. With his tall frame, signature long-nose masks and onstage usage of anything from drums to trash can lids, Fehn is a vital component in Slipknot as well as his other band Will Haven. Working with Los Angeles art team SceneFour, Chris Fehn has been crafting the collection for more than a year. SceneFour is arguably best known for their dedication to artwork built from rhythm, with collections of the “rhythm-on-canvas” medium created and released with iconic drummers including Mickey Hart, Bill Ward, Rick Allen and Matt Sorum.

With Fehn’s release, the collection takes a unique turn, as the rhythmic artwork has been fused with found imagery that is intended to reveal itself with each viewing over time. “We’re excited to be working with Chris on this collection and are excited to see artwork coming forward that requires time to decode. It is sophisticated, vivid and perplexing,” SceneFour’s creative director Cory Danziger states. Fehn’s collection, contains a total of 13 different works, each limited in edition size, with all canvases in the collection numbered and individually signed by Chris Fehn. Those interested in learning more about “Through The Darkness” are encouraged to visit