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American Born Moonshine Announces Expansion Into California

American Born Moonshine officially announced its expansion into California this week, marking the brand’s first West Coast region launch. In celebration of the brand’s expansion into California and our Nation’s birthday, American Born Moonshine has planned activities all over the state of California throughout the July 4th Weekend.  The move to the California market falls in line with its planned expansion to the West following numerous successful launches in the Southeastern United States.
“Moonshining’s history with California dates back to the early 1930’s when many businesses offered thirsty travelers the outlawed beverage as a respite from their travels along Route 66,” says American Born Moonshine co-founder Sean Koffel. “As a company whose product is rooted our country’s history, we can think of no better way or time to bring American Born Moonshine – the best tasting and highest quality Moonshine available on the market – back to the West Coast than during the weekend that celebrates our Nation’s birth.”
The expansion into California provides consumers the opportunity to enjoy American Born Moonshine on both coasts for the first time. To celebrate this monumental achievement, the brand will be hosting and participating in a series of exciting events over the July 4th weekend. For more information on the specific location and timing of these events for July 4th weekend, please visit
The American Born Moonshine family of products includes three flavors – Original, Apple Pie and Dixie – and honors the tradition of authentic mountain moonshine and the patriotic American rebel spirit. American Born Moonshine Original is a 103-proof, unaged corn whiskey made from a blend of corn, sugar and water. The recipe is high in corn content yet still embraces the sugar to allow for a smooth finish and remarkable mixability. American Born Moonshine Apple Pie is made from a corn base with natural apple and cinnamon flavors and a hint of caramel. American Born Moonshine Dixie is the first-ever sweet tea-flavored moonshine. Dixie is made from a corn base combined with natural tea flavors. Both the Apple Pie and Dixie flavors are 83 proof.
American Born Moonshine, was launched by Windy Hill Spirits, a Nashville-based company founded in 2012 by Patrick Dillingham and Sean Koffel.
Dillingham, a former Notre Dame quarterback, and Koffel, a former U.S. Marine Corps Captain and Iraq War veteran set out to bring a moonshine whiskey to consumers that would honor the incredible tradition of American moonshiners. Over the last decade, the two were inspired by amazing family moonshine stories and recipes shared by friends and fellow Marines that grew up in and around the Appalachian Mountains. While starting Windy Hill Spirits and American Born Moonshine, Dillingham and Koffel spent a year traveling the Appalachians and the greater South, spending time with families, hearing first-hand accounts of moonshining and bootlegging legends, tasting a lot of great moonshine, and developing an enormous appreciation for the role moonshine has played in American history.
“Our goal with American Born is to provide consumers with a truly authentic product that tells the story of these strong Americans,” says Dillingham. “We want to pay homage to those that have demonstrated the best of American ingenuity and independence by making, running and selling moonshine whiskey in order for their families to survive during some of the most difficult times in the history of our country.”
American Born Moonshine is produced and bottled in Nashville, Tenn., and all other elements of the product and packaging are also proudly made in the United States. As American Born Moonshine continues to build its presence both in the Southeast and in the west, plans are in place for a disciplined, nationwide rollout over the next two years.  Currently, the product is available in Tennessee, Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas and California. The average retail price is $24.99 for a 750ML jar.
About American Born Moonshine
American Born Moonshine was founded in Nashville, Tennessee 2012 by Patrick Dillingham and Sean Koffel with the goal of creating the smoothest tasting most authentic Moonshine Whiskey on the market at any price. In addition, the company founders’ wanted to honor the incredible tradition and rebel spirit of American Moonshiners and their  fundamental belief of selling whiskey with a handshake that has been passed on from generation to generation. American Born Moonshine is available in three distinct flavors: Original, Apple Pie and Dixie. For more information on American Brand Moonshine product availability at your local bar or store, drink recipes, and to stay informed on news and updates, please visit American Born or stay connected with the brand on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.