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KiWi TIME Release “It’s…KiWi TIME” EP


San Francisco-based, Belarusian-born alt rock group, KiWi TIME,have just released their much anticipated new EP, “It’s…KiWi TIME.” The EP features five standout tracks of dance-infused alt rock that showcase the band’s knack for melody, and above all, their closely knit bond with one another. “The band is like my family,” says KiWi TIME vocalist Anna Makovchik, “the band actually is my family.” Anna describes the new EP “It’s KiWi TIME” as being “about love, freedom, fighting and hope. We are happy to finally finish this EP and hope all our fans will feel the energy we put into this creation.”

The EP is available on iTunes here.

KiWi TIME have partnered up with Purevolume ( to premiere the EP in full. Fans can check out the entire EP here.

Recent winners of Stoneski Battle of the Bands 2013, the ArtRockX band competition and finalists of Hard Rock Rising, KiWi TIME has become well acquainted with their new San Francisco surroundings. In the past two years they have played more than 100 shows and festivals in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles and New York City. On July 5th they will be playing Slim’s in San Francisco to celebrate the release of the EP.

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