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ACID POP CULT PODCAST – Episode 123: Moster Wizard Vs. Mania Con

Now with 20% more Shit Movie Fest mentions!
Now with 20% more Shit Movie Fest mentions!

This week on Acid Pop Cult, the boys talk about Robin Williams being dead, and that is sad. What’s sadder is the flood of suicide prevention posts on social media that followed. Why is it the only time we care about important issues like these is when it happens to a celebrity? Jeremy brings the issue to the table this week in one of his most inspired rants yet. Lee covers the new Jim Norton show on Vice, featuring his Ed McMahon, trans-gender porn star Bailey Jay. Then Jason gives us all an update on the Bad Karma Body Count Celebrity Death Pool, and makes plans to hit in Monster Mania Convention in New Jersey.

You know us, you love us and you can’t fuckin’ live without us, so join us won’t you? The latest episode of Acid Pop Cult is pipin’ hot and ready for you to enjoy! – Click to download and consume!

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