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KiWi TIME Release Video For “Killin’ Me Baby”

Kiwitime Band Sponsored by Baynetwork

KiWi TIME have partnered up with entertainment / lifestyle site Crave Online for the premiere of their new music video, “Killin’ Me Baby.” Inspired by real life events within the band, the stop-motion clip features the band working through an inner conflict, and coming to a resolution by the end of the video. KiWi TIME commented on the meaning of the video: “The video is an accurate portrayal of what happens behind the scenes with the band. Not every rehearsal goes smoothly. There are occasional fights, but that’s all normal when you know a group of people for twenty years. This song was written after one such disagreement among band members. However, we are learning and growing together, and the music helps us get there.” The video can be seen here.

The infectiously catchy, bass-throbbing track is featured on the band’s debut EP, “It’s…KiWi TIME” which was released earlier this year. The EP features five standout tracks of pure indie dance pop and is available on iTunes here.

The band also recently wrapped up a collaboration with legendary hip-hop producer and artist Sir Mix-A-Lot. The track, “If I Can,” was produced by super-star producer Dan Shea (Mariah Carey, Rob Thomas, Janet Jackson) and is the first of six new tracks fans can expect to hear in the coming months.

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Kiwi Time, Killin’ Me Baby from Granted Access on Vimeo.