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Shout Factory To Release “Eddie and The Cruisers” and “Eddie and The Cruisers II: Eddie Lives!” On Blu-ray On April 14th

2 Cult Classics!
2 Cult Classics!

Take a trip down the memory lane with Double Feature Blu-ray Presentation of “Eddie and The Cruisers” and “Eddie and The Cruisers II: Eddie Lives!” on April 14th from Shout! Factory. Available for the first time on Blu-ray, this set includes two iconic ’80s cult classic about the ultimate rebel, rocker and idol. The films star the likes of Michael Paré (Streets of Fire), Tom Berenger, Ellen Barkin, Joe Pantoliano and more!


They say rock ‘n’ roll never dies, but one dark night in 1963, Eddie Wilson’s car took a dive off a Jersey bridge with the troubled rock idol at the wheel. His body was never found.

Tom Berenger (Sniper), Michael Paré (Streets of Fire), Joe Pantoliano (The Matrix) and Ellen Barkin (Sea of Love) star in this cool, compelling classic that really rocks!

Twenty years after the lead singer (Paré) of “Eddie and the Cruisers” disappeared, the band’s songs are hotter than ever. And renewed interest in the band leads TV reporter Maggie Foley (Barkin) to pursue a tantalizing mystery: what if Eddie is still alive?


Get ready to rock! Michael Paré reprises his role as the hot-blooded rebel rocker Eddie Wilson, who, after twenty years, still has “the kind of charisma that drives adolescent girls wild” (L.A. Herald-Examiner).

At the height of fame, rock legend Eddie Wilson (Paré) drove his car into the river and disappeared from the limelight. Twenty years later, his band Eddie and the Cruisers is hotter than ever. Posing as construction worker, Eddie has maintained a quiet life in Canada.  But his relentless desire to make music pulls him back to the stage where he forms a new band and an even hotter sound. Meanwhile, to cash in on the revived interest in the band, record executives release an Eddie and the Cruisers “lost tapes” album and promote a worldwide search for the mysterious rocker. As his new band hits center stage, Eddie finally faces the past – his way.

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