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“That’s Racist with Mike Epps” Returns With New Episodes

Mike Epps
Mike Epps

On Monday, March 2nd, AOL Originals unveiled the second installment of five all-new episodes of “That’s Racist with Mike Epps” at AOL.com/thatsracist. Comedian Mike Epps continues to explore the backstories to racist humor and how history and facts often distorts into a snide – but sometimes funny – shorthand. The comedy series will feature Epps interviewing those on the receiving end of the jokes while garnering input from educators as well as witty roundtable conversations on the topic from comedians Randy and Jason SklarHelen HongRick OvertonJohn Viener and Sharon Houston.

The first episode of this installment follows Mike to an Irish pub to explore the adage: Are all Irish people drunks? Mike gets put to work in the second episode by spending the afternoon as a gardener to explore the background of the stereotype that Mexicans are lazy. In the third episode, Mike tackles the stereotype that black people can’t swim and in the process reveals whether or not he knows how to. During episode four, Mike examines the seemingly accepted belief that all Asians are smart by getting schooled by an Asian tutor. Mike spends the final episode getting to the bottom of the age-old mystery, “Why do racist jokes exist?” by exploring the origins of racist humor.

Tune in to “That’s Racist with Mike Epps” on AOL. The first five episodes are still available for last minute catch up viewing of the series.


Episode 6: The Irish Are Drunks