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ARTIST TO WATCH: Smashing Satellites Premieres “Waterfall” Official Music Video


Toronto’s Smashing Satellites just released their official video for their newest radio single, “Waterfall” off their debut EP, SonicAluzion (A-Side), that came out this past September.

Smashing Satellites is truly the living, breathing story of a musician and human being striving to connect people to each other once again in the face of technology. Through his music and his messages Smashing Satellites is more than just a band, it’s a movement. Founded by Salvatore Costa who possesses one of the most powerful and unique vocal timbre’s in music and is an accomplished musician by industry standards since a very young age, the first melodies came from the pain and anger rooted in his recent past and were born in that darkness. As time healed and his writing continued something much greater and more positive came to life in many different songs connecting all of Salvatore’s feelings, experience, passions, observations, philosophies, and lifestyle in his new music.

Smashing Satellites
Smashing Satellites

“There are times in life where we all struggle with fear, depression and anxiety… we feel as though we are drowning. Sometimes it is not just about overcoming the fear and swimming to the surface but rather learning how to survive that time in the water.” -Salvatore

Currently, the band is currently rehearsing for their upcoming Headline Tour in the spring including their first show in New York City at the legendary venue Pianos.The band will follow that with a string of radio shows as well as dates in North America to be announced soon. The complete list of dates is below.

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Upcoming Tour Dates:
Feb 10 – Pianos New York, NY
Mar 6 – 103.9 RXP Presents – Sunshine Studios – Colorado Springs, CO
Mar 14 – X1039’S SHAMROCKED BEERFEST San Bernardino, CA
April 7 – Horseshoe Tavern – Toronto, Canada

SonicAluzion (A-Side) can be purchased on iTunes here: