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Karmin Debuts New Video for Single “Along The Road”


Platinum-selling pop duo, Karmin, just released the video for their latest single, “Along The Road.” Complimenting their stripped-down performance is an entrancing backdrop; a sunset mosaic of shoes, representing the many roads and paths life can offer us. “Along The Road” is a selection from the band’s upcoming album, Leo Rising.

“Along The Road” depicts feelings of birth, renewal and new transitions exquisitely, describing the bittersweet feeling of friends and loved ones traveling in and out of life. Connecting deeply with the sentiment of progression and departure; “Along the Road” serves as an anthem for young people throughout high school and college as the graduation nostalgia seeps in. Amy Heidemann optimistically reflects, “although this is the end, broken hearts are made to mend and I know we’ll meet again along the road.” The track features Heidemann’s rich and soulful vocals, leading the melody with Nick Noonan carrying the song on percussion as well as producing of the single. “Along The Road,” which was recorded in one take, is now available on iTunes.

To support “Along The Road’s” release, the real-life couple released a music video filmed at YouTube Space in Los Angeles, CA. Directed by Stewart Yost, the video opens in a dark nightclub and features a mysterious returning character from prior music videos introducing the band in Creole. A curtain opens to reveal Heidemann sitting in the middle of the road, singing between Noonan playing percussion and Jeff “Gitty” Gitelman on guitar. In keeping with the theme of recording the song in a single take, the video was also shot in one continuous take. To create the video’s set, Karmin teamed up with footwear company, Creative Recreation, who provided all the shoes used on the backdrop. The shoe chandelier and shoe wall were designed and handmade by an art team, lead by Karmin and Stewart Yost. The video is now available for viewing on Karmin’s YouTube channel.

Giving Back…
In an effort to both recycle and give back, Karmin has organized several ways to reuse all the shoes from “Along The Road.” First, they are donating dozens of pairs of shoes to homeless shelters around Los Angeles.  In addition, Karmin has donated the sunset art-wall to St. Mary’s Children’s Hospital in New York City. Fans can also guess the exact number of shoes used in the video for a chance to win a $200 gift certificate from Creative Recreation and a special gift from Karmin. Details on how to enter can be found in the description section of “Along The Road” on YouTube.

Leo Rising will be released later this year, alongside a short film and a traveling art exhibit in collaboration with THE PICTURE COUNCIL and Creative Director, Stewart Yost.  Keep up with everything Karmin at