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Filter Joins Forces With PledgeMusic To Bring Fans into The Experience Of Recording Their 7th Studio Album


Filter has announce that the band will be recording of their 7th studio record, on Wind-up Records and partnering with PledgeMusic.

Shoving a fist in the face of tradition has been Filter’s modus operandi since the release of their self-produced debut album, Short Bus. The album’s rough-around-the-edges production consisted of inebriated answering machine samples, lavish bass lines, and jagged guitars set to a backdrop of drum machines punctuated by the unfurling of Richard Patrick’s vocal prowess and signature roar. Patrick, Filter’s magnetic, profoundly intelligent nucleus and front-man jubilantly admits that his creative process is unorthodox, whether he’s staring down and conquering new technology or coalescing and co-conspiring with band-mates.

Says Patrick of the new record, “It’s going to be FAN-f**king-tastic! Joining up with PledgeMusic – it’s going to be amazing to work with them. I hate crowdfunding shit. I think it’s like begging, but PledgeMusic is something very different and much cooler. This isn’t crowdfunding, this is partnering up with you, getting involved with you the fan, getting involved with you the supporter of awesome music. Our fans get to ride along with us and see what it’s like for a Filter record to be made.”

Fans will be given the opportunity to purchase exclusive items such as autographed CDs and signed vinyl, your name in a special “thank you” section of the liner notes, a Skype session with Richard Patrick, a mixing mastering session and lots of other great items. They will also get exclusive access to campaign updates and videos from Patrick and the band.

Fans can go to to sign up and pledge your support.

Filter’s affiliation with the organization Stars For Stripes allowed the band the honor of entertaining US troops on military bases in Kuwait, Iraq and Cuba’s Guantanamo Bay Naval Base. Patrick, a fervent supporter of the men and women serving the United States, takes immense pleasure in meeting and performing for deployed fans; he and his band-mates gained deeper insight into the lifestyle those serving face on a regular basis when the band survived rocket attacks in Kirkuk, Iraq.