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THE LUCK: London Born Folk Duo Release Intimate Studio Version of “Sting”


Brother & sister acoustic duo, , otherwise known as THE LUCK, have just released a live studio video of their brand new song, ‘Sting’. The clip features a stripped-back performance of the English sibling’s folk-inspired track and showcases the dynamic vocal exchange between the duo. Their harmonic roots lay in the tradition of powerhouse vocal combinations, not dissimilar to that of Buckingham and Nicks. Having both grown up singing in choirs, they developed their blend of “bewitching” soaring harmonies over percussive guitar, stomp and electric bass lines.

‘Sting’ marks an important time in the spiritual growth of The Luck. It is a song which brings together many of their American and English musical influences, from Simon & Garfunkel to Fleetwood Mac and Nick Drake.

“We started writing the song just before we left to tour the U.S. We found ourselves gravitating towards the West Coast, the sunshine, the music scene here… And that’s where we finished writing it, up in San Francisco. California kind of feels like a home away from home,” said Max.

Esmay spoke about the motivation behind the song, “Sometimes we come across people who act all sweet and innocent at first but suddenly they flip and turn on you; it hurts and you feel so stupid for falling under their spell, but it happens. When we started writing the chorus, we realised we wanted to develop the idea further and talk about turning that initial shock and pain into a feeling of empowerment, letting it go and making something positive out of a negative situation. This song is about finding your self-belief and conviction to overcome things that hurt you.”

The Luck will be performing on May 16th at The Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles. To keep track of the band’s upcoming dates and more, be sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and their official site.