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ICON VS. ICON PRESENTS: Acid Pop Cult Podcast – Episode 139: Return of The Vinyl Hunter


The Acid Pop Cult Podcast welcomes a blast from the past this week with the triumphant return of former host Chris Michalek. Chris gives us the scoop on what he has been up to. We explore his long running love affair with vinyl, hunting it down in the wild and some of his recent finds. We also recount Chris’ documentation of some amazing bathroom graffiti while out on the road and Jason confesses to making his own contributions to the art form. Jason gives us the lowdown on getting up close and personal with two former mega-stars this past weekend — Burt Reynolds and Scott Weiland. Jeremy offers a solid pick of the week and spirited review of Oliver Stone’s 1981 feature, ‘The Hand,’ starring Michael Caine. To cap off an already jammed packed episode, the trip offer up a few quick picks in the form of movies and music for your listening pleasure. If that’s not enough, we’ll see you next Tuesday (K)night.

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