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THE LUCK: London Born Folk Duo Release Social Media Inspired Track “Filtered”


B?rother & sister acoustic duo, Max and Esmay Luck, otherwise known as THE LUCK, have released an intimate version of their track “Filtered” from their recent Dave’s Room Sessions. The track beautifully highlights the subtle power of the group’s vocal harmonies, and lyrically is a reflection on the digital world we live in.

“It shines a light on the way we live today. We all post images of our lives and feel a sense of community in doing so,” says Max. “But it is also tinged with a sense of longing to return to a time where people weren’t so consumed and controlled by it. Social media can place a lot of unnecessary pressure on people’s lives ­to live up to a certain image or expectation. That can be really tough.”

Fans can check out “Filtered” below:

Since arriving in America July 2014, the group have toured the West Coast, playing shows throughout California, including a spate of street performances at the infamous Pier 39 in San Francisco and Seaport Village, San Diego. They found it was these performances that really paved the way for the next chapter of their journey.

Max and Esmay (or Eme, as she is sometimes called) wanted to try and capture the energy and sound of their street performances which define the sound of THE LUCK. This aesthetic led them to record a set of intimate live videos with grammy­ award winning engineer David Bianco at Dave’s Room studios in Hollywood, originally opened in 1970 as ‘Mama Jo’s’. The group plans to release an EP of this very special session in the coming months.

THE LUCK will be performing up and down the California coast in June and July, highlighted by a live performance at Sunset Marquis on July 17th. To keep track of THE LUCK and their upcoming live performances, be sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and their official site.