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Celeste Buckingham Premieres Official Video For “Unpredictable”


Twenty year old pop sensation Celeste Buckingham has unveiled the official video for her new single, “Unpredictable.” In the video, Celeste portrays four different characters: a 50’s waitress, a 70’s hippie mother, a 90’s grunge chick and a contemporary rock star. The characters all overcome several different obstacles throughout their day, and the video concludes with behind the scenes footage to reveal that all the characters in the video are a facet of Celeste’s personality, showing that she is unpredictable.

“It’s been a thrill to work on this project and have the ability to bring this song to life. I wanted to create something that would be relatable to everyone going through something unpredictable in their lives. We all want a way out, and I think that with the music video we created, we captured just what it’s like to be a girl in a crazy world.” – Celeste Buckingham in a recent interview with Billboard 

“A reality show star who’s garnered huge success on Europe’s pop charts, Buckingham knows the struggle to have it all — a struggle that’s provided the inspiration for her new single “Unpredictable.” – Billboard

“Unpredictable” is now available on iTunes.

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