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311’s SA Martinez’s Los Stellarians Release Sophomore Album, “The Mas Chingon”


The dynamic duo of SA Martinez (311) and Ryan Siegel have linked yet again under the moniker of Los Stellarians and are set to release their 2nd release within months of their debut. “The Mas Chingon” will drop via iTunes and Bandcamp June 3rd – 62 years to the day of the infamous “Zoot-Suit” riots. Whereas their debut, “Cholo Soul,” was a collection of cuts from an underplayed mid-70’s canon of American Soul, their new release finds the band delivering a polished disco ball that finds its inspiration in the modern soul of the 80’s and onwards  Says Martinez, “The Mas Chingon is just a natural progression of where we left off with Cholo Soul. Doing that record simply inspired this. But really, the modern soul era is what triggers receptors in my DNA as it is. That time period was my coming of age.”

Los Stellarions
Los Stellarions

Eight songs deep, the album offers a variety of vibe that is sure to make one feel as if they made the right decision on what party to attend. From the opening cut “Primo (Is That So)” – a lowriding MJ’ish anthem if there ever was one, to quite possibly the gem in the crown – “Jenny (Miss U Like Crazy)” a modern era rola prime for the blvd. – The Mas Chingon has it all.

“When I was writing The Mas Chingon with SA,” says Ryan Siegel, “I’d go to bed and have dreams I was some guerro gigilo down in TJ in some hot and dusty plaza. I was bedding chicas I’d otherwise have no chance in hell with. So you’re goddamn right I wanted to make this a reality!”

Martinez continues, “This album is that dim-lit dance party you and your friends always talk about. Where everyone seemed to lock eyes with someone and fall in love. It’s like that.”

The album artwork is also something to behold. Martinez tapped the talents of longtime friend Eloy Torrez to commission a piece for the cover. “I had an idea in mind in what I wanted the cover to symbolize and I also wanted to incorporate an old photo of my dad that exudes this young, clean, and fresh energy. The cover also had to have an irresistible feminine presence as well because there’s no party if it’s just cholos, you know. My nephew Evan Anderson did the lettering, but more importantly, mastered the album. He gave the album the perfect patina in many ways,” says Martinez.

The real question though, when does Martinez find time to sleep? No full plate for him, rather he has a buffet line to step in with the constant bounty that is 311 – a 26 date summer tour lined up, the release of their boxset to come out June 30th, a launch of their very own craft beer this summer etc.. Plus he also has plans to release the sophomore record of another project of his – Ghostwolf – sometime before the year is out too. Personally I think he should scrap his stage name of “SA” and go by “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop.”

Here it is.. the next piece to the Los Stellarians puzzle!

Los Stellarians have their sophomore release, “The Mas Chingon”, available now ! (Available at, iTunes,
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