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MICHAEL HUTCHENCE: Legendary INXS Lead Singer’s Unreleased Solo Song Now Available Via PledgeMusic


Iconic INXS lead singer, Michael Hutchence, will forever be in the hearts and dance moves of fans across the world. Although known for his hit band songs “Need You Tonight” and “Never Tear Us Apart,” he also embarked on many solo projects.

In a partnership with fashion designer Astrella, daughter to Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee, Donovan, Hutchence’s first solo recording to be released in 15 years will now be available through her famed hybrid, T-shirt collection known as the MUSICAL T’s™. PledgeMusic is honored to be a part of this campaign, where the song and T-shirt will be available exclusively via Fashion Designer Astrella’s Next MUSICAL T’s™ Design and is allowing the fans to vote on several graphic options. The winning option will be produced onto a T-shirt and be for sale exclusively on PledgeMusic.

Previously unreleased and available only through this package, Michael Hutchence’s song “Friction” will be available for pre-order. Sales will officially begin September 1, 2015.  To launch our PledgeMusic storefront, Astrella is offering 5 designs for the public to vote on, to decide which design should be put into production. Astrella has collaborated with internationally recognized artist Miguel Paredes, as well as former head of design for Lucky Brand, Tom Garner, to help design the “Friction” MUSICAL T’s™ graphics. The song came from his recording sessions in 1995, before his tragic death, to create a solo record with music producers Danny Saber (Rolling Stones, Marilyn Manson, Ozzy, Korn, U2, David Bowie) and Andy Gill (Gang of Four, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Jesus Lizard, The Futerheads, The Stranglers.)

PledgeMusic, a frontrunner in the direct-to-fan platform, is bringing fans a truly special and unique experience with this campaign. PledgeMusic will be the exclusive place to purchase the song and vote for and purchase the MUSICAL T’s™ T-shirt.

Pledgers will have the opportunity to get the previously unreleased Michael Hutchence single “Friction” + 2 remixes, (EMF DJ, Milfredo Seven as well as Jeff Patterson of the 3 Jays). Fans can vote on 1 of 5 T-shirt designs from Astrella Inc., and the winning T-shirt will be come the official Friction MUSICAL T’s™. Fans can purchase the winning T-shirt along with experiences from co-writer of “Friction”, and a long time Michael Hutchence friend and storied engineer/producer Danny Saber. 10 unreleased photos of Michael will be premiered and Danny Saber will do video breakdowns of the lyrics in the track. To pledge, please visit,

Saber says, “Michael was always looking to reinvent the wheel as an artist. Delivering music and fashion together through Astrella and the PledgeMusic platform is precisely the type of ground-breaking initiative he would have been proud to be a part of. This project honors the intimate connect between artist and fan, which Michael cherished.”

“As a huge INXS fan, it is an honor to be involved with this Michael Hutchence project.  The combined efforts of Astrella and Danny Saber have created a truly unique marriage of fashion and music, while honoring Michael’s iconic status and legacy. The blessing and cooperation of the Hutchence estate is proof that Michael himself would have loved this project,” says Jayce Varden Co-founder & Head of Global Campaign Operations at PledgeMusic.

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