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Valora Premieres Official Video For “React”


LA-based electronic/rock band Valora premiered their new video for “React” yesterday on Under The Gun. “React” is a hard-hitting track that encourages you to do just as the title insinuates – react. This anthemic song is a forceful resistance against all the ways life can put you down; no matter if you’re battling a grade school bully, a resentful family member, or a catty teenage enemy. Each soaring chorus of electrifying vocals, sultry harmonies, and feisty keys serves as a reminder that no matter how heavy the weight of the world becomes, you always have the strength to fight back.

Drawing musical inspiration from several genres and spanning many generations, including gospel powerhouse Yolanda Adams, Jack White, Janis Joplin, Chrissie Hynde, Jeff Buckley and Muse. Valora vocalist, Syd Duran admits although Valora may not be her given name, it has become the essence of the passionate singer. “When I hit the stage, I become all that is Valora, a ruthless pirate with a vendetta against the cause of all broken hearts. Her untamed and amorous personality seeps from my pores as I creep across every inch of my platform. In photos, I sometimes appear to be possessed by a force that I gladly welcome. ‘You have crazy eyes,’ I’ve been told. That’s not me. That’s Valora.”

In 2010, Valora signed to Hollywood Records and released their single “Extreme”, which made its debut on the inspired-by soundtrack album for Tim Burton’s rendition of Alice in Wonderland, entitled Almost Alice. The same year, Valora’s track “No Matter What” was included on the soundtrack album to the Nicholas Sparks film, “The Last Song”. The year of 2011 proved to be just as impressive as the previous year with Revolver Magazine naming Syd the Hottest Chick in Hard Rock for July 2011 and Associated Press naming Valora one of the 100 bands you need to know in 2011.

Then, Syd was featured on Breaking Benjamin’s Top 5 radio hit entitled “Blow Me Away” from their Greatest Hits album. The band soon found themselves opening for acts like Avenged Sevenfold, Korn, Seether, Hollywood Undead and more. Although Valora later parted ways with Hollywood Records, the split only propelled the band forward into new opportunities. Duran has since been featured on David Garrett’s remix of “Bring Me To Life”, produced by StoneBridge. Valora’s track “Extreme” was also featured in a groundbreaking e-novel that cleverly incorporated cutting-edge indie music and eye-catching graphics by world-renowned DC and Marvel Comic illustrator, Bill Sienkiewic. With nearly 47,000 Facebook likes, Twitter and Instagram followers, as well as over 1 million Youtube views of their video for “I Waited For You”, Valora knows that their fans are anxiously awaiting new music. Valora is currently back in the studio finishing their new EP and music video featuring Mot & Krid, which is expected to drop this Summer.

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