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THE VERVE PIPE Premieres Video For “Hit And Run”; Band Announces New Bi-weekly Digital Song Series

The Verve Pipe
The Verve Pipe

Multi-platinum rock band THE VERVE PIPE have unveiled a new animated music video for their song “Hit and Run,” off their latest album release OVERBOARD. The provocative storyline of both the lyric and video explores the tormented mind of a character that has committed a random accident.

Watch the “Hit and Run” video now exclusively at Paste here.

The music video was created by Ofir Sasson, an independent animator and illustrator from Tel-Aviv, Israel. As an inspiration for his visual style, Ofir points to early animation and film works of the 30’s through 50’s and an illustration style characterized by simple geometrical shapes and lines, together with dark and gritty themes. A musician himself, he is driven to combine shape and sound to create a story that pushes both the music and the visual forward. More of his work can be seen here.

“Ofir was able to put a face on the villain that fit perfectly with the lyric – an everyday man, caught in the same everyday routine,” shares lead singer/songwriter Brian Vander Ark. “His villain could have been your brother, uncle, friend, neighbor, co-worker…anyone. What shocked me the most, what I hadn’t expected, was the ending. Was he punished by death? Suicide? Was it real or imagined? Was his punishment to relive it endlessly? He brilliantly left it up to the viewer which is something great films can do. I expect people will want to watch it again and again.”

The “Hit and Run” video premiere also coincides with a progressive announcement from THE VERVE PIPE. The band–best known for their massive 1997 #1 hit “The Freshmen”–is taking a fresh approach when it comes to releasing new music. Beginning last week with the September 25th release of their new track “If I Could Make You Feel,” the band will release a new single digitally every two weeks for download (iTunes, Amazon, etc.) or streaming(Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Pandora, etc.); only available digitally, this new music will not be available on CD.

Listen to the first release in the series, “If I Could Make You Feel,” here:

Vander Ark recently shared his motivation for this new concept with‘s John Sinkevics. “Albums are expensive to make and with the advent of streaming now, sales of all CDs are going to drop off dramatically I believe. With that in mind, we decided to put out songs as we write them and record them, which I love.” He goes on to explain, “I was never a fan of spending months in the studio creating an album. I like to write a song and get it out there as soon as possible. This is an experiment and I’m anxious to see the outcome.” Read the full conversation here.