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Chad L. Coleman of ‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘Treadwater’ Creator Morgan Rosenblum To Appear At New York Comic-Con

The Walking Dead” star Chad L. Coleman and Treadwater creator/writer Morgan Rosenblum will be making an appearance at the  New York Comic-Con this Thursday, October 8th-Sunday, October 11th at Booth #844. Check out a video message from the duo below and be sure to swing by and meet them in the flesh!

Co-Partner and Executive Producer Chad L. Coleman (“The Walking Dead”/”The Wire”) and Darkrose Studios are taking the comic and gaming world by storm with their Sci-Fi Transmedia franchise, Treadwater. Originally written and developed as a screenplay, Treadwater is a dark and mature sci-fi action drama about a team of vigilantes who will do whatever it takes to maintain peace in a dystopian future. The graphic novel series takes a savvy approach to comics, curating a variety of platforms for their audience to interact. From hard copy graphic novels and animated motion comics to video games and TV series, Treadwater creates a fully immersive world for their viewers to experience. Enter the Treadwater interactive website: http://trdwtr.com/candlelight


Treadwater, referenced by the acronym TRDWTR (Technological Research and Development Working Toward a Resolution), tells the story of a pre-apocalyptic tale of the future when the unstable global economy deals with the aftermath of the Euro collapsing. The world nose dives into chaos. Mass rioting, looting, and outright civil disobedience erupts. While many nations begin to focus on protecting and securing their respective borders, others feel that the only way to deter attacks is with a preemptive gesture of strength. The balance of global powers becomes obsolete when Germany forms an aggressive stance behind German military patriot, General Kirklau. Governments and worldwide organizations have their hands tied, as one wrong move by any of them could launch an all-out world war. Treadwater is the only organization taking a proactive stance to keep the world afloat, while others helplessly do just that – tread water.

TreadwaterThe Graphic Novel Part 1 made the “Indie Bestseller List” in its opening month when it hit shelves nationwide and internationally in July. Treadwater also won Gold for Illustration and Bronze for writing in a Graphic Novel series on READERS’ FAVORITE. The franchise has continued to make a huge impression in the Sci-Fi world teaming up with Artist Henry Fong, best known for his production design on major feature films which include X-MEN DAYS OF FUTURE PAST, THE AMAZING SPIDER MAN 2, PACIFIC RIM, and THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS, to name a few.

Chad L. Coleman (‘Tyreese’ from “The Walking Dead”) is featured as the character of “Mr. Osi” in the graphic novel. PLAYBOY Playmate & “Geek Fantasy Woman of the Year”, Holly Wolf has been heavily involved with the franchise and will be seen with the team at New York Comic-Con. Founder of Darkrose Studios, Morgan Rosenblum created and co-wrote the graphic novel and has been featured on multiple panels for “How to Succeed in Self Publishing” alongside Conor McCreedy (Writer of Assassin’s Creed and Kill Shakespeare) and will be featured again with Jimmy Palmiotti (Multi-Award Winning Writer/Illustrator for DC and Marvel).