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ICON VS. ICON PRESENTS: Acid Pop Cult Podcast – Episode 186: Hot Buttered Controversy


This week on the Acid Pop Cult Podcast, Jeremy and Jason welcome back Thomas Bryce of Shit Movie Fest to the third mic position. Tom gives us the rundown on what he has been up to since his last visit. The trio take a quick look at a plethora of upcoming events from Super Bowl 50 to magical memories from the days of yore. Talk turns to the potential horrors of a Chyna Vs. Sunny sex tape, which results in Jmo taking Tom to school on the ins-and-outs of how money is made in the adult film industry these days. Tom discusses his love of the ‘Tremors’ series and all things Kevin Bacon while teasing his upcoming trip to the historic Colonial Theatre for a screening of the cult classic, ‘Tremors.’ It’s all fun and games until Tom brings some heat to a growing controversy on a Kickstarter campaign gone bad for the cult favorite — Popcorn. He breaks down the facts as he knows them and reveals how he was seemingly beat out of a $100 bucks in hopes of bringing a fan favorite to Blu-ray (about 5 years ago). It’s a wild ride that will leave you thirsting for street justice and another episode. Spread the word, leave a review and be sure to tune in each week for the latest and greatest!

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