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Director Tom Six Releases Early Works With Limited Edition “What The F**k?!” DVD

Available for a limited time!
Available for a limited time!

Over the past few years, director Tom Six has left an undeniable mark on the horror industry with his ‘The Human Centipede.’ Now, in 2016, the polarizing artist is releasing one of his earlier Dutch films for the international market. The DVD of ‘What the F**k’ is now available (and features English subtitles), in a very limited supply. As an added bonus, the DVD comes with the signature of director Tom Six.

What’s “What The F**k?!” all about? 
“What The F**k?!” is a hilarious pitch black comedy about famous Dutch singer ‘Dries Roelvink’ who is kidnapped by his two biggest fans to their trailer in the middle of nowhere. Not for an autograph but something completely different. The fat couple’s biggest wish is to have a baby of their own but the husband is infertile. Dries is forced to live with this gruesome couple until he gets the woman pregnant. The movie will be available in the Six Entertainment Company shop – Click here to purchase “What The F**k?!”

A must have for Human Centipede fans and lovers of unconventional cinema! Check out the trailer below and add a copy to your collection today!