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Corey Feldman Launches “Elev8or 2 Ascension: The Feldfam Strikes Back” Campaign For New Album


Pop culture icon and all around force for positivity Corey Feldman is back with the second stage of his campaign to raise money for his long awaited double album, “Angelic 2 the Core.” Earlier this year, Feldman reached out to his fans with a crowdfunding campaign in the hopes of making his dream a reality. In the process, he was able to raise enough funds to master and duplicate the album, finish the album artwork and lock in a June 22nd, 2016 release date.

Today, Feldman took to social media to announce the launch of his “Elev8or 2 Ascension 2: The FeldFanFam Strikes Back” through Indiegogo. The campaign was set up with the intention of raising the funds necessary to properly market the album. Feldman hopes with the proper marketing in place, he could achieve his dream of receiving airplay on Top 40 stations around the nation.

The “Elev8or 2 Ascension: The Feldfam Strikes Back” fundraising campaign offers fans the opportunity to help the album reach new levels and features perks for any fan’s budget.Those sweet perks range from social media interactions to digital/physical copies of the album to dinner on the road with Feldman and his Angels. There are even the once in a lifetime opportunities with perks like like visiting an amusement park with or to have him rock the suburbs as he plays a show in your backyard or music venue!

Check out the campaign at this location for all the details! Accept no substitutes! Check out the video below to all the details on this campaign straight from Corey Feldman, where he details his struggles and successes as an independent artist in the breakdown of the campaign.

You an find the real Corey Feldman on Facebook and Twitter at these locations:

Corey Feldman’s Official Facebook Page
Corey Feldman’s Official Twitter Page
Corey Feldman’s Official Instagram Page

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The details straight from the “Elev8or 2 Ascension2 : The FeldFanFam Strikes Back” Indiegogo Page:


Thank U 4 stopping by 2 check out my campaign. Here’s what’s going on:

This is ELEV8OR2ASCENSION2 I wanted 2 thank ALL of U who helped so much last time around. 4 Those of U who R new 2 this campaign, & 4 all those returning. let me catch U up 2 speed. R last campaign ended about 3 weeks ago, R goal at that time was 2 try & raise $105,000. We came up short….VERY SHORT! We raised merely $14,902.00 After the Indigogo fees we walked away with around $13,000.

In that time I have managed 2 make that $$ work 4 us. I have successfuly completed the album, it is now Mastered & ready 4 the duplication plant. We have also completed the artwork & R currently putting the final touches on the packaging elements. We have all the $ we need 2 complete the album & GUARANTEE its release on 6-22-16.

However we WONT have nearly enough 4 the marketing campaign its gonna take 2 get the singles played on Top 40 stations around the country which will ultimately fulfill my DREAM of hitting Billboards TOP 40! This is a goal I KNOW can be achieved if we put the muscle in 2 the launch of the next single, & the albums release! This is Y I’m 1nce again asking 4 UR HELP! WE CAN DO THIS!

IM asking 4 less than a quarter of the funding I asked 4 last time 2 maker this goal so much more attainable! I have brought back all the old perks, plus a few new 1’s. 2 keep it fresh & exciting. So PLEASE DO WHAT U CAN 2 help me realize my DrEAM! 2 C the original Campaign pitch (which is a bit long) Please continue reading below:

I know the questions most of U must be thinking right now…questions like…Why have I brought U here? What is this all about? And most importantly Y would a Movie Star like U be asking us 4 $? Dont U have your own $? And Y R U asking us 2 help when U R already successful. Let me do my best 2 answer those questions.

#1. Yes I have been fortunate 2 keep myself steadily working as an actor 4 many decades.

#2 Yes I have had some success in my career.

However as U probably know making films is my bread & butter, it is how I earn a living. It is my means 2 an end as it were….

Music however is my Love, my Passion, my Heart & soul. Music is the thing I feel I was truly meant 2 do, had my parents not made the choice 2 throw me in front of cameras at the tender age of 3, & kept me there 2 earn a living & financially support my family until I was legally emancipated at the age of 15.

Acting was NOT my 1st choice. Nor was it my choice at all. However, I have grown 2 LOVE it. Acting is now as much a part of my being as breathing, eating, or drinking. I have been programmed that way. It was inevitable & unavoidable.

But locked deep inside & lying dormant 4 many years, was a burning passion 2 create music! I love writing songs, and I love expressing myself through music. I love producing interesting sounds & creating original beats. I love writing my innermost personal feelings into a catchy jingle that people can instantly relate 2, & find themselves singing along with. And most of all, I LOVE performing! I love going out on that stage & coming alive with the lights, & the roar of the crowd. I LOVE making the audience scream n shout, & dance the night away. I LOVE the togetherness that can only happen from a LIVE musical experience.

However unfortunate as it was, once I was established as an actor, I found it increasingly harder 4 anybody 2 give my music a chance. Although I started songwriting at 13, & began doing Live concerts at 15, I was not able 2 release my 1st album until I was 22 yrs old via a small indy label. No major record company would take me seriously. I was never told “The music stinks” or “I just don’t hear it”, as typical turn downs from major labels go. No! Instead I got lots of weird excuses like “The songs are catchy, but do U have 2 sing them”? or “Not bad 4 an actor, but we don’t feel U will have the time 2 dedicate 2 a music career”, I was blown off, laughed at, & the doors were continuously slammed in my face. Never because of a lack of talent, but rather because of a prejudice, how could I succeed when so many others had tried before me and failed?

I became a statistic.With albums released by peers like John Travolta, Scott Baio, William Shatner, & Alyssa Milano as examples, the idea of actors making music became laughable, and fell under the catergory of “a joke”. That was it I was dead & buried in the music industry before I started.

Fortunately I didnt let that stop my new album project. I have also toured America 4 times in total, twice w my band & 2 solo tours. I have never stopped writing, recording, and performing my music 4 LIVE audiences. Because whenever we toured, U were there 2 C it!

However I have NEVER made music 4 financial gain. I have never become rich making music. In fact my last band album cost me $100,000 just 4 the production of the album, and due 2 lack of promotional & marketing funds I made very little of it back. However it isnt about making $ 4 me, in fact its quite the opposite, I have spent and lost massive amounts of $ by continuing my music career. It is all about the LOVE and passion I derive from simply creating my music. U C in all of this time I had never earned a commercial or mainstream hit…..UNTIL RECENTLY….

However, I might not have kept going, had nobody gotten it or appreciated it. But thats just it, my true fans who took the time 2 actually listen 2 what my music was saying, immediately fell in love with it. Actual Music critics (tabloids aside) have given consistent positive reviews. Friends & peers have given me much strength & support through positive feedback, but the number 1 thing that has kept me making music is the overwhelming amount of praise & appreciation that I receive from U..THE FANS!

U R the reason I keep going. Your comments, your letters, your words of encouragement. U alone lift me up when I get weak, & scared, & think its just not worth it anymore. But then I do a concert & look out & C thousands of screaming fans, singing along 2 every word, just as I would while watching my favorite artists. Because of this I finally accepted there was an audience 4 what I do, & it seems that audience has continued 2 grow through the years at a rapid pace. Now more than ever I find new fans commenting on age old recordings I thought were long since forgotten.

As many of U know, I have been hard at work 4 quite a while on my new album “ANGELIC 2 THE CORE”. This is not your average musical project. It is a labor of Love. It is the most imaginative, diverse, daring, creative, & personal solo album I have made 2 date. This is a very important work 4 me, This album has literally taken a decade 2 create. I know that is an extraordinary amount of time 2 spend on 1 project, but once U hear the entire album U will understand Y.

“Angelic 2 the Core” is my 1st ever double album. It has 22 songs on it. The album truly shows my diversity as a songwriter & producer, covering all fields of the pop music spectrum. Part pop, part Rock, part EDM, part Hip Hop, and all soul, this album truly has something 4 EVERYBODY!
4 the 1st time in my musical career U will hear songs which were largely recorded privately in my Home Studio. It also happens 2 B the 1st time I have endeavored 2 play all of the instruments on many of the songs. So now U R probably thinking…Well if its done in your home and U R playing all the instruments, how come it took so long?? I will explain….

Yes it is a “solo” album, and yes I am a multi instrumentalist on many of the tracks….HOWEVER….this album is a culmination of a large cast of incredibly talented singers, songwriters, producers, musicians, rappers, and artists, coming together, 2 help me create this.

This album features 5 generations of Hip Hop artists including several legends of the art form. It also features some of the greatest vocalists, & musicians of our time. Here is a list of some of the incredible people who were kind enough 2 dedicate their time, talents, & energy 2 make this dream a reality:

Fred Durst (Limp Bizkit), Kaya Jones (Pussycat Dolls), R1ckone (Black Eyed Peas), Scott Page (Pink Floyd), B.Howard, Kurupt, Snoop Dogg, Doc Ice (Whodini/UTFO),Thomas Van Musser (Black Eyed Peas songwriter) Dave Dunn (Infectous Grooves)The Wizards (Production team) Jon Carin (Pink Floyd), Demario “SB”( New Rap artist), Manny Mijaris (EDM Producer)Thomas Van Musser (writer for Black Eyed Peas), Jon Carin (Pink Floyd), Corey Haim (Film clips), Jameson Newlander (Film clips) Glasses Boys (EDM collective), Michael Debarge (Debarge), Truth Movement, Tommy Daugherty (Death Row recording engineer), Angel Courtney Anne aka DJAC, and of course Coreys Angels (backing vocalists) plus many more…

In the 10 yrs I’ve been working on this album I have completely self funded this project 4 my very own label CiFi records. I created CiFi 4 the purpose of releasing my music direct 2 U, without the financial aid, or creative influence of Big record company executives. I have done this album all on my own 2 insure that U will get 2 hear my vision directly. However after 10 years of financially backing this project, as I near the final stages of its completion, I have come 2 realize that although I have created a work that is sonically superior 2 all of my other solo projects, & has many hit worthy songs, 1 thing is impendingly clear…..I have no budget left 4 Mastering, artwork, duplication, distribution, or marketing.

Now let me explain Y the last part can prevent me from ever getting this album released.

There R enormous costs in the process of making an album. From engineers, 2 instruments, from equipment 2 software, from computers, 2 hard drives, there R many costs that come along with running your own studio, espescially in a modern world where technology is constantly evolving. Constant software updates. Constant additions of plug ins and Pro Tools upgrades can be quite costly. In order 2 keep the music sounding fresh & relevant, U must constantly upgrade & change the sounds in every song 2 continue keeping up w the evolution of sound & technology. An album that takes a decade, means every few years I have had 2 reopen the older songs and update certain sounds. In some cases I have had 2 completely rerecord the song because it has become dated, which wont work with a modern pop album. On top of all of that I have also had 2 pay 4 the release of every single (their have been 5 singles 2 date), the production of both music videos, & the artwork 4 each of the singles, & the distribution costs of each single & the EP.

With all of that said, now that I have finally completed the production work on all 22 songs, I have started budgeting 4 the final stages of the process & 2 my surprise the most expensive part has yet 2 come.

In the modern age of music, it is a very exciting time 4 independent artists like myself, because now 4 the 1st time in my career, I have been able 2 release singles 2 radio, create and release my own videos, & make my music available 4 digital download all over the world by the push of a button. However 1 thing hasn’t changed….

The complete domination of Big Corporations & Big Record Labels who pay massive amounts of advertising $$ 2 propel their artists 2 the top of the Billboard charts. This is Y U rarely C a new artist break in2 the charts, Because the Big Labels have complete worldwide domination over radio. Companies like Clearchannel who own & operate just about every top 40 station in the world, have a stronghold over the industry. Basically the only way 4 a little guy like me 2 B able 2 compete, & actually make a dent, is 2 fight power with power. Which means fighting $ with $.

It seems almost impossible 4 a little known musical artist like me 2 get played on mainstream radio. ALMOST impossible….but not TOTALLY impossible.

U C the way it works is if a guy like me has the financial backing 2 pay 4 ads in music magazines, radio spots, & radio station magazines like HITS, & with the right radio promotion team behind me, I can take out enough ads, & make enough noise 2 get the musical directors of those stations 2 notice.

Now if I didnt think the songs had what it takes 2 B contemporary chart toppers, I wouldnt even try 2 compete. But lets take a look at the release of my singles so far & their success rates. The 1st single & video I released was “Ascension Millennium” as my 1st single 4 the album & with my 1st video ever, I immediately gave the rights exclusively 2 MTV. It was a shot n the dark. But 2 my surprise the video garnished the coveted “Buzzworthy” status within the 1st 12 hrs of its release. By the end of 2 weeks it had earned a quarter million views on MTV giving it the claim of a video gone viral.

At that time I created & launched my own YouTube channel. Within a months time the quarter million views jumped 2 a half a million. By the end of the 2nd month it had earned 750,000 views. Shortly thereafter my channel was taken down by the powers that be citing they had no confirmation that I was really me & that my music was under my official license. When that happened I lost all of the views, & monetary gain that should have been awarded by those views.

So I started over. I am happy 2 say that video is now back up 2 almost 300,000 views again. With well over a Million views worldwide we made such an impact that the video has now become that of legend, & has been parodied, & imitated many times over. It was even joked about last year in the final season of Glee.

The next video was released which was called DUH! However this time we released it exclusively 2 an internet channel called FilmOn where we created a Live talk show featuring myself as the host & Angel Courtney (DJAC) as my cohost, & eventually moved it 2 my YouTube channel, where it gained a quarter Million views as well. However I still hadn’t attempted a radio push.

The next single I pushed even less, in fact I gave away “Mercy” feat B Howard 4 free. It was released over Easter weekend, & as the song was spiritual in nature w a real Gospel choir I just didnt feel right charging the listener 4 the experience, & I never released a video or released it as a radio single, something I would still like 2 do, as its such a terriffic song.

Finally with my next single “Everybody” feat Doc Ice I rolled the dice & put some $ into radio promotions. With the small amount of capitol behind it “Everybody” climbed the independent, & digital radio charts finally making its way 2 the #13 position in both the R&B/Hip Hop & Hot AC music charts. The song maintained the #13 spot 3 weeks in a row. It also climbed 2 the top 40 in the top 200 list. However the charts I climbed were the Digital Radio Tracker & Top Adds charts, which R cool, but still not Cash Box or Billboard.

So with my next single “Remember 222 (Corey’s song) ” I pushed it even harder (meaning more ad dollars) & with that I earned my 1st ever #1 Hit! The song climbed 2 the top of the indy charts on a Live streaming network called Lucky Star radio which can be heard from LA 2 Australia via the internet, It also gained the attention of the 2nd biggest chart in the world which is Cashbox & made it all the way 2 #23 on that chart. But again still not enough 2 break Billboards top 200.

With all of that said, I have released some strong singles off the forthcoming album, but the best is yet 2 come. I have saved the best 4 NOW!

As I am finally finished w the album & have so many incredible songs left 2 unveil, now is the most important part. I know from the track record I’m on my way 2 breaking into the Billboard charts, I BELIEVE with the right backing and financial support I have got what it takes 2 get my 1st official Billboard hit.

In the coming months it is my intention 2 finally cross over & after 4 decades of recording music, I can finally make my biggest dream a reality & get myself in the mainstream of contemporary pop music. I know that the next single I release can do it! The songs that I am set 2 release will be the most catchy, & playable songs I have ever written & recorded. Espescially with the powerful chart topping artists I have alligned myself with, I know this album can truly be a MONSTER! But the simple fact is I cant do this alone. I just dont have the resources that I need 2 make a run against the giant powerhouses that fuel the radio industry. Not without YOUR HELP!

So that is why I come 2 U, my most loyal fans, who have become my surrogate family. I never had a mother or father 2 support me. I never had a college fund. I never had family security. I never had someone 2 lean on or turn 2 when times got rough. So now in my hour of desperation, I must turn 2 the only support group, the only “family” I have ever know….THE FELDFAM!

I know with your help I can finally get my music out….. not just 2 U… but 2 millions of people who dont even know that Corey Feldman has records out. This is my only chance 2 get my music heard by the masses. Lets face it, I’m not getting any younger! In a few short years I wont have the stamina, or the physical ability 2 go out there & create a LIVE experience, worthy of what U expect from me. When I put on a show, I give it 100%! I give U my all, my everything! With the success of this album I will launch the most incredible LIVE performance U can imagine. A 2 hr plus show, where I can sing all of the songs U have grown 2 LOVE through the years.

I will finally perform the songs from my past albums and films that Ive never been able 2 perform LIVE. I will be able 2 perform all the Movie soundtracks, the songs U know & LOVE, & of course many of the Amazing songs from the new album that U havent even heard yet. This tour will be the pinnacle of my live performances as a solo artist. As the album will become the 1 that puts my music on the map 4 the rest of the world.

I know I’m asking a lot. But what choice do I have? Its now or never! Do or Die! And as U know Goonies NEVER SAY DIE! So that leaves me only 1 option….2 DO IT!

So I come 2 U my “Feldfam” in my hour of need & ask U 2 PLEASE CONTRIBUTE 2 help me FINALLY REALIZE my lifelong dreamof sharing my music with not just U but also with the rest of the world. So I can finally spread my message of PEACE & LOVE through the joyous & incredible movement of MUSIC!

I KNOW wholeheartedly that this album has really got what it takes 2 top the Billboard charts, & the singles that I am preparing 2 release will be the MOST POWERFUL & have the MOST POTENTIAL of any in my long career, with the help of some of todays greatest chart topping artists! This DREAM must become a REALITY but simply said I NEED U 2 STAND BY ME…..because….. Its OUR TIME!

LOVE Corey”