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We Watched ‘Deadpool’ — A He Said, She Said Review of America’s Favorite Date Movie


Icon Vs. Icon’s husband and wife team, Delores and Hank Price, Jr., are back in the mix this week with a brand new Pick of The Week. Check out their takes on the hottest date movie in America, ‘Deadpool.’ If are picking up what they are putting down or can smell what there are stepping in, follow the online ramblings of the dynamic duo on Twitter at @deloresprice80 and @thehenrypricejr.

She said: We watched “Deadpool” recently. Before firing up the 108-minute film, I knew people had their panties in a twist over the Marvel superhero. Hank explained some background information and I kind of remember what he said – Deadpool was in a movie or something but his character wasn’t portrayed well. He’s different from other superheroes because he’s a dirty birdy and not quite a good guy. So, I refilled my wine glass and we dove in for my first viewing and Hank’s second.

Ryan Reynolds is not the Green Lantern, he is Deadpool, a gross-faced, darker Van Wilder. Like if Van Wilder got his shit together and joined the military after college then became a mercenary but stayed snarky and raunchy. His face looks like a burnt Ferengi without the Elephant Man features. He has accelerated healing powers but can’t heal his crispy KFC skin.

'Dead pool' is for lovers.
‘Deadpool’ is for lovers.

The movie is over-the-top and ridiculous, but it seems like that’s the point. Before becoming Deadpool, Wade Wilson has a hot-to-trot but tough-as-nails girlfriend, played by Morena Baccarin. It’s all lovey dovey and jacking stalkers until he finds out he has terminal cancer – he collapses after proposing to his lady love. Wade is approached by a mystery man from a mystery corporation who says he can cure his cancer. He leaves his lady and lets them go to town on his body – I guess if you have nothing to lose then why not? Cue Ajax and Angel Dust – not names of meth heads or characters in “Twisted Metal” but actually artificially-mutated bad guys.

So, long story short Wade mutates and has super powers but looks like a pasty-white girl who fell asleep on the beach all afternoon drunk off Malibu. Ajax says he has the cure (I always thought Robert Smith did), Wade believes him because why not? Ajax injures him and leaves but Wade just ain’t gonna go out like no punk.
He won’t face his woman because his face looks like a pizza. I told Hank if he ever gets disfigured, I will always love him. Please just come to me with your fugly, face of nightmares.

So, Wade’s gonna find himself some Ajax. With help from his friend Weasel (T. J. Miller), who is a bartender to mercenaries, Wade becomes Deadpool, wears an intricate, masked wet suit and starts tearing shit up looking for the dish soap man. He also lives with a horny old blind woman named Blind Al. Then a whole bunch of other stuff happens – if you’re still with me and haven’t watched the movie then watch it and find out for yourself. This ain’t Wikipedia.

Deadpool is the ridiculous, anti-hero X-Man, the one who embarasses Colossus (a big, shiny, weirder, sterling silver goodie two-shoes T-1000) and Negasonic Teenage Warhead (whatever the hell that means because she’s definitely an emo Sinead O’Connor), who want him to join their little team. Deadpool is a nice change of pace for the other superheroes I’ve seen in films or heard Hank talk about with his cohorts.

If you are really into comic books and/or all this superhero stuff, I understand why you’re excited. I’m not really into anything other than alcohol and being left alone so I don’t get it but that’s fine. For those who aren’t way deep into crusaders or maybe have promised their life to someone who is, it’s an entertaining film. It’s ridiculous, hilarious and a great escape.

We live in a society where grown men are obsessed with superheroes. Fake characters draped in spandex and mystery. Deadpool makes fun of that. I was a few glasses of wine deep at the end of the film and typically by then my blood alcohol levels causes me to turn on the characters but I still liked Mr. Pool, mocker of Superheroes.


He said: I don’t know what Mama Price is talking about. I thought we were watching “The Dead Pool.” Jim Carrey singing “Welcome to the Jungle.” Clint Eastwood shooting Qui Gon Jinn with a spear gun. Make my day.
Anyhow, I recently watched that other similarly-titled movie, “Deadpool,” for the second time. This movie is a redemption for the character, having been horribly portrayed in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” in 2009. Thanks to the rebooted timeline in the X-Men universe with “X-Men: Days of Future Past,” the slate was wiped clean, allowing Ryan Reynolds to do justice to the Merc With a Mouth. Not only did Reynolds and 21st Century Fox redeem themselves, Deadpool may be Reynolds’ signature role.

'Deadpool' is available everywhere now.
‘Dead pool’ is available everywhere now.

Mama Price summed up the plot pretty well. Mercenary with a heart of gold meets badass hot chick, falls in love, gets cancer, undergoes experimental treatment that’s really designed to create super slaves, is hideously deformed, super powered and left for dead, then goes on a hilariously bloody rampage to find the man responsible and cure his deformity. Of all the current-gen Marvel films, Deadpool is one of the best because it perfectly captures the essence of the character, which is no small feat given the copious violence and fourth-wall breaking for which Deadpool is known. The filmmakers wisely rely on Reynolds’ comedic and physical skills, tailor-made for the character, and don’t try to shoehorn too much into the story. With the exception of Loki, most of Marvel’s films have notoriously under-developed villains, and Deadpool is no exception. However, it works to the movie’s benefit here, allowing Deadpool and his gags to take center stage for the bulk of the film.

Like all Marvel films, Deadpool has a teaser at the very end of the credits which sets up the sequel (and promises a Marvel fan favorite character), but it’s done in a genius way that will be immediately familiar to anyone who’s seen “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.” If this is Fox’s attempt at creating a larger “X-Men” universe similar to what Disney is doing with the “Avengers” crew, I am really curious to see how it plays out. It’s hard to see Deadpool mixing with the current crop of X-Men films, but I said the same thing about Disney’s characters before I saw “The Avengers.” Fox upped the violence factor since Deadpool, with some brutal scenes in “X-Men: Apocalypse” and the upcoming “Wolverine” installment rumoured to be R-rated, so we may be seeing an R-rated “X-Force” with Deadpool, Cable, Wolverine, and friends before too long. If Reynolds can be the RDJ of the Fox Marvel universe, comic book movie fans like me have a lot to be excited about.