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‘OUTATIME: Saving the DeLorean Time Machine’ Documentary Coming To Blu-ray On July 19th from Virgil Films

Coming to Blu-ray this July!
Coming to Blu-ray this July!

The iconic time-traveling car from the Back to the Future movies almost got left in the dust once filming was done, and the tireless efforts to save it are recounted in OUTATIME: SAVING THE DELOREAN TIME MACHINE. The film, which provides a deeply satisfying coda to the beloved trilogy, comes to digital platforms, Blu-ray and DVD from Virgil Films on July 19, 2016.

OUTATIME tells the incredible comeback story of the world’s most famous movie car – the DeLorean Time Machine from the beloved Michael J. Fox comic adventure ‘Back to the Future’ and its sequels. Plagued by souvenir hunters, rats and the elements, this cinematic icon – created by lunatic genius Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) and featuring the all-powerful “flux capacitor” – seemed destined for the junkyard. Director Steve Concotelli’s film chronicles the efforts of ‘Back to the Future’ co-creator and producer Bob Gale, Universal Studios and the trilogy’s dedicated fan community as they tirelessly work together to bring the Time Machine back to life.

In the vein of Top Gear, Counting Cars and American Choppers, OUTATIME will appeal to fans of the trilogy and gearheads alike. It is the perfect companion to the original films, which continue to score high ratings whenever they are aired.

Bonus features on the OUTATIME Blu-ray and DVD include full-length audio commentary with director Steve Concotelli and Joe Walser, who headed up the car’s restoration; deleted scenes; OUTATIME world premiere footage; a restoration photo gallery and more.