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ICON VS. ICON PRESENTS: Acid Pop Cult Podcast – Episode 206: But Enough About Me


This week on Acid Pop Cult, the show is packed to the gills. Hank kicks off the festivities by bringing us up to speed on his latest musical trip down memory lane. This time he finds himself immersed in the back catalog of W.A.S.P. aka the complete masterworks of Blackie Lawless. Jeremy soon enters the mix with an update on his upcoming business trip to Tennessee to work alongside director Adam Rifkin and the legendary Burt Reynolds. He offers up an inside look at Reynolds’ recent audiobook, “But Enough About Me: A Memoir,” and offers a few stories from his time on various sets. Jason brings us up to speed on the recent happenings at Icon Vs. Icon and recounts his recent interview with Corey Feldman, in support of his upcoming album, “Angelic 2 The Core.” In addition, the trio bring you up to speed on some exciting news from E3 and discuss what game have them the most intrigued. Other topics include classic Hollywood stars of yesteryear, Cirque De Soliel’s “Toruk: The First Flight” and the extended cut of “Batman V. Superman,” complete with a few spoilers. Spread the word, leave a review and be sure to tune in each week for the latest and greatest!

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