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A New Rock Supergroup Is On The Horizon! — Who Is ZFM?


Today, we were tipped off to a brand new supergroup that has been secretly toiling behind the scenes for many moon. The question remains — Who is ZFM? While we still aren’t sure, a little bird dropped us some hints to the identities of the players involved. Here’s what we know:

• One member of the band has been on David Letterman twice.

• The person who mixed the song has produced some of the most popular and influencial albums of the last 25 years.

• The band members are spread all across the country.

• The drummer plays for a very popular industrial metal band as well as a technical death metal band.

• The bandpass been working closely with Thom Hazaert (who runs David Ellefson’s EMP label).

• A hint at the full band name Z_ _ F_ _ _ M_ _ _

Check out a teaser video, which surfaced on the web earlier today, and let the speculation begin!