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Boheim Explores Family Secrets, Revenge and The Supernatural In “The Silent Children”


Amna K. Boheim’s “The Silent Children” begins with a mysterious letter from Annabel Albrecht to her son, Max. Included with her deathbed request is a troubling photograph from 1938 of a boy and girl with the inscription: “You knew.” Annabel pleads with Max to find the frightened young boy, now a man if he’s still alive, so Max can finally learn the reason for their troubled mother-son relationship.

Following a captivating opening, Max learns of his mother’s suicide and is pulled between the past and the present, trying to resolve his feelings for his hardened mother while investigating her secrets, secrets that soon breach his life.

Author Amna K. Boheim
Author Amna K. Boheim

Set in 2004 Vienna, with flashbacks to pre- and post-World War II, the setting mimics Max’s struggle with present day and the past as he becomes owner of his mother’s ancestral home in a city projecting cultural heritage through its architecture, environment and Max’s childhood memories. He is immersed with his mother’s past while surrounded by it as well. Boheim weaves a unique WWII tale filled with tragedy, revenge, secrets and the supernatural.

While I found her diction to be long-winded and too detailed at times, her first novel is authentic and compelling with complex characters. With a recent over-saturation of WWII accounts in entertainment, it is refreshing to find one with an uncommon tale that is, at the same time, captivating and well done.

Boheim worked in investment banking before becoming a writer. More information on her and “The Silent Children” can be found at http://akboheim.com/books/the-silent-children/. “The Silent Children” is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and everywhere e-books are sold.

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