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ICON VS. ICON PRESENTS: Acid Pop Cult Podcast – Episode 249: Keeping It Rigid


On the latest episode of the Acid Pop Cult Podcast, Jeremy and Jason bring their A-game for a special blend of topics. Jason kicks off the show with an update of the civil war between his neighbors and then offers an inside look at his most recent interviews for Icon Vs. Icon. Jeremy discusses his latest “Unsung Heroes of Hollywood” focusing on Miles Dougal and the warm reception it received. Jason kicks off the kicks off the pick of the week segment by focusing in on the recently released “24 x 36: A Movie About Movie Posters” documentary. Jeremy counters with one of his best finds to date with the “Psycho Family” documentary focusing on viral video star Jesse Ridgeway aka McJuggerNuggets. This episode is sprinkled with all sorts of other pop culture goodness and even ends with a segment on grilling. How’s that for variety?

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