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A Sith Lord In Born In Anthony Pietromonaco’s Dark ‘Star Wars’ Fan Film

Bear witness to the birth of a Sith Lord in director Anthony Pietromonaco’s gloriously dark ‘Star Wars’ fan film — ‘Dark Legacy.’ The short features special effects by Jaremy Aiello, and Mo Meinhart (Star Trek, The Walking Dead) and fight choreography by Phil Tan and Z Teams (Pirates of the Caribbean, Dragon Ball Z – Light of Hope).

According to Sith lore, “Training is complete only with the death of the master or the student.”  Dark Legacy is a short film about an apprentice imprisoned against her will by a Sith Master searching for the student who will surpass him, or die trying.

Check out the ambitious fan film below and be sure to check out the social media channels:

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DARK LEGACY WEBSITE: www.starwarsdarklegacy.com
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