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ACID POP CULT PODCAST: Episode 95 – Where Do Those Duke Boys Get Their Wonderful Toys?

Ready for another heaping helping of podcasting excellence? Join us for the latest episode of Acid Pop Cult! – Click to download! Synopsis: This week Jason Price revives the previously abandoned Beer of the Week with a high class selection, while Jeremy and Lee argue about which car is better, The General Lee or the […]

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Klaus Kinski: Directors Loved to Watch Him Go

By most accounts, Klaus Kinski was a sonofabitch. This is a sentiment not forgotten on Scream Factory’s blu-ray release of Crawlspace in December. Among the bonus features on the release, is writer/director David Schmoeller’s short film, Please Kill Mr. Kinski, wherein Schmoeller tells of his difficulties working with Kinski on the set of Crawlspace. Schmoeller […]

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Bad Karma Celebrity Death Pool: Participate In Our Inaugural Season For Free!

You are cordially invited to participate in the Bad Karma Celebrity Death Pool, and all we ask in return is that you like the Facebook page where you will find instructions for joining and will see updates for future leagues, as well as newsy stuff, and other related material. Through a celebrity-death partnership with Icon vs […]