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Tom Delonge’s Paranormal Mystery Series, ‘Strange Times,’ In Development at TBS

Tom Delonge’s Paranormal Mystery Series, ‘Strange Times,’ In Development at TBS

As reported by Variety, TOM DELONGE’s ‘Strange Times’—about five dirty teenage skateboarders who solve paranormal mysteries while being chased by Deep State government agents—has been put into development by TBS.

In the spirit of speaking truth to power and offending everyone equally, the series, which is based on DeLonge’s graphic novel, is a love letter to punk rock culture and a middle finger to everybody else.

‘Strange Times’ will be written and executive produced by Aaron Karo. DeLonge, The Cartel’s Stan Spry and Jeff Holland and Strike Entertainment’s Russell Binder will serve as executive producers.

“My love for all things paranormal and skateboarding are sometimes only superseded by my love for offensive humor,” says DeLonge. “This series combines them all into one.”

“Tom is a storyteller,” says Binder. “His experiences and his interests are vast, and his desire to share those with a broad and diverse audience is an itch we are beginning to scratch. Strange Times is a comedic take on the tropes of coming of age, friendship, and how to escalate ways to humiliate your best friends while staying out of detention, and ideally, the hospital. “

DeLonge originally launched Strange Times back in 2011 as a fringe news site reporting on unexplained phenomena. It grew from there, expanding across multiple properties, including a graphic novel, merchandise, and in 2016 DeLonge’s To The Stars partnered with Simon & Schuster for the release of STRANGE TIMES: THE GHOST IN THE GIRL, the first in a planned trilogy of Young Adult science fiction novels co-penned by DeLonge and award-winning author Geoff Herbach.

DeLonge is repped by APA, Management 360 and Jackoway, Tyerman, Wertheimer, Austen, Mandelbaum, Morris, Klein & Trattner.

About To The Stars:
To The Stars is an independent entertainment company that creates original content across music, film, television, and publishing with a focus on next-generation scientific phenomena. Established by bestselling author, award-winning creator and entrepreneur Tom DeLonge, To The Stars is the entertainment division of To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science, a think tank of artists, scientists, intelligence officers and technology experts that explore and educate the public about scientific phenomena that can have a transformative impact on society. Since its inception in 2011, To The Stars has developed multiple franchises including Love, Poet Anderson, Strange Times, Sekret Machines, Cathedrals of Glass and The Lonely Astronaut. These projects have found their way into 10 bestselling books, a critically acclaimed feature, an award-winning animated short plus 5 chart-topping companion albums by Angels & Airwaves. DeLonge’s entertainment career began over two decades ago when he co-founded Blink-182, an American rock band that became a pop culture phenomenon and went on to sell over 25 million albums worldwide. www.ToTheStars.Media

About Cartel:
The Cartel is a feature film and television production and management company representing top-tier show runners, show creators, writers, directors, producers, talent and production companies in film, TV and new media. The Cartel has produced over 70 feature films, television series, and TV movies in the past eight years. Cartel is producing the upcoming Shudder series “Creepshow” with “The Walking Dead” EP, Greg Nicotero. Also, currently in production The Cartel is producing and financing the 26 episode series “12 Forever” for Netflix. Other previous credits include the series “A Place in the Sun” for Discovery and “Ties That Bind” for Up TV, as well several recent feature films including “Jeepers Creepers 3”, “Guns, Girls, & Gambling,” “Switched for Christmas,” “Pearl in Paradise,” “One Winter Weekend,” “Merry ExMas,” to name a few.

About Striker Entertainment:
Striker Entertainment is a full-service global entertainment licensing agency dedicated to maximizing consumer products opportunities and building brand equity for its clients. Striker represents some of the biggest global entertainment franchises including AMC’s The Walking Dead, Five Nights at Freddy’s, The Umbrella Academy, Laika Studios new and heritage films including Coraline and Kubo and the Two Strings, and Deadly Class to name a few. Striker has been actively optioning IP from a variety of sources and building a branded production business setting up film and television projects where broad franchise potential exists and where Striker can be in place to maximize those ancillary opportunities. Striker also enjoys a first look TV deal with Blumhouse Television. visit www.strikerentertainment.com.

About Aaron Karo:
Aaron Karo is a comedian and author of five books, including young adult novels Me You Usand Lexapros and Cons. He created the Channing Tatum animated vehicle Germany, which received a pilot presentation at Comedy Central, developed live-action comedy Living the Dream with DJ Dillon Francis at Comedy Central, and sold the multi-cam Squad Goals to CBS with partner Lindsey Rosin. He also starred in the one-hour Comedy Central stand-up special Aaron Karo: The Rest Is History.

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Tom Delonge’s Angels & Airwaves Release ‘We Don’t Need To Whisper – Acoustic EP’

Tom Delonge’s Angels & Airwaves Release ‘We Don’t Need To Whisper – Acoustic EP’

Tom Delonge

ANGELS & AIRWAVES have released WE DON’T NEED TO WHISPER – ACOUSTIC EP, a special four-song EP that celebrates the band’s 2006 debut album with new and stripped-down arrangements of four fan favorites:

  1. “Valkyrie Missile”
  2. “Distraction”
  3. “Do It For Me Now”
  4. “The Adventure”

Today through Thursday, August 24, the EP is available for download exclusively via Tom DeLonge’s To The Stars site– click HERE for more info.

The EP arrives on all streaming services this Friday, August 25th. Fans can also pre-order via iTunes today by clicking HERE and will receive “The Adventure” as an instant download.

The band has also released a lyric video for “The Adventure,” which features rare studio footage circa 2005-2006 during the We Don’t Need To Whisper sessions – click HERE to watch.

WE DON’T NEED TO WHISPER – ACOUSTIC EP was produced by Angels & Airwaves vocalist/guitarist/songwriter Tom DeLonge and Aaron Rubin, who produced Angels & Airwaves’ 2013 release Stomping The Phantom Brake Pedal and 2014’s The Dream Walker. It’s the follow-up to 2016’s EP, Chasing Shadows (which was released alongside the top-charting novel Sekret Machines).

About the new EP, Delonge says, “It’s been about a year since we put out new music and I wanted to give the fans something while the band works on the soundtrack to the upcoming Strange Times film. Being in the studio brought back memories of AVA’s first album and I thought it’d be fun to reimagine those tracks and play around with the arrangements a bit. It’s the first time we’ve ever put out an all-acoustic release and it’s great to be able to do it with these songs, which are all pretty special to me.”

DeLonge is dedicating the EP to producer Jeff “Critter” Newell, who passed away in 2012. “Critter was everything to us. We considered him a member of the band. He had the most artistic and beautiful soul and was such a big part of our lives. He always spoke with such poetry. He was my companion during the making of the first years of AVA. He would drink and dance in the studio parking lot to these songs till 4am. When we started recording these new versions, I couldn’t stop thinking about how much I miss him. His spirit was definitely with us in the studio.”

In addition to having Angels & Airwaves work on new, original music for the Strange Times soundtrack, DeLonge will serve as the film’s director.  As originally covered by The Hollywood Reporter, DeLonge has partnered with The Cartel and Striker Entertainment to produce a feature film based on his Strange Times franchise. The movie centers on a rebellious group of San Diego skateboarders who take it upon themselves to investigate extreme paranormal activity around town, only to embark on an adventure that they could never have imagined.





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Tom Delonge Announces April 5th Release For ‘Sekret Machines’

Tom Delonge Announces April 5th Release For ‘Sekret Machines’

Coming April 5th

Coming April 5th

Multi-platinum-selling artist TOM DELONGE (Blink 182, Angels & Airwaves) has announced the launch of SEKRET MACHINES, a transmedia series that will include new music from Angels & Airwaves, fiction and non-fiction books, and an eye-opening documentary. The project launches on April 5th with the 704-page hardcover novel, Sekret Machines Book 1: Chasing Shadows (To The Stars/Simon & Schuster), the first in a three-volume series of fiction novels co-written by DeLonge and New York Times bestselling author A.J. Hartley (The Darwen Arkwright series). Pre-orders are available at ToTheStars.Media, Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Fans can also pick up limited edition collectible editions at ToTheStars.Media.

Chasing Shadows is a complex and thrilling read based on facts and actual events gleaned from the authors’ sources within the military and intelligence community. The book follows the witnesses, which are legion, scattered across the world and dotted through history, people who looked up and saw something impossible lighting up the night sky. What those objects were, where they came from, and who—or what—might be inside them is the subject of fierce debate and equally fierce mockery, so that most who glimpsed them came to wish they hadn’t. Most, but not everyone.  Among those who know what they’ve seen, and—like the toll of a bell that can’t be unrung—are forever changed by it, are a pilot, an heiress, a journalist, and a prisoner of war.  Each will be propelled into a dark labyrinth of otherworldly technology and the competing aims of those who might seek to prevent—or harness—these sources of unfathomable power.  Because, as it turns out, we are not the only ones who can invent and build…and destroy.

“I wanted to tackle the subject of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena because it seems so unbelievable,” says DeLonge. “I knew the story was fantastic regardless if you believed it or not. This was the one topic that could tackle religion, cosmology, science, history, politics, secrecy and more. After taking over a year to meet, prove myself and acquire 8 elite advisors—each of whom has held the highest positions within the military, scientific and executive branch offices—this story contains true information from a secret historical record, some of which has NEVER been heard until now. We all need to take a moment to think about the National Security threat that exists when world powers race to understand and control advanced technology recovered from extraordinary places.”

“What makes the book unique, I think, is that it takes a skeptically researched, investigative and realistic approach to history and eye-witness testimony to open up a sensational story about the secret world of military intelligence and extraordinarily advanced technology,” says Hartley. ”The result is a wild and unsettling ride.”

About working with Hartley, DeLonge says, “He knew very little about the phenomenon. He’s a distinguished Shakespeare professor, a New York Times best-selling author and British through and through, but he’s also an open-minded skeptic. Together we created Chasing Shadows, a first novel that sets up many things: important events that had their genesis as far back as World War II and continue today. The events, locations and moments are all true. We weaved them together in a way that echoes what really happened to those who stumbled across something spectacular, wondrous and a bit frightful. The glue is fiction. The building blocks are not. A Shakespeare scholar and a rock musician join forces. Who would’ve thought?”

About the Authors:

Tom DeLonge is an award-winning musician, producer and director, best known as the lead vocalist and songwriter for the platinum-selling bands Blink-182 and Angels & Airwaves.  Under his entertainment company To The Stars…, Tom has created transmedia entertainment properties that span music, film, comics and books.  Together with New York Times best-selling author Suzanne Young, he recently released Poet Anderson …Of Nightmares (To The Stars/Simon & Schuster), which hit No. 1 on Amazon’s Teen & Young Adult Thrillers and Suspense chart. That book was precluded by the animated short film Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker, which took home Best Animation in Toronto, the critically-acclaimed comic book series of the same name and the top-charting album The Dream Walker.

A.J. Hartley is an international bestselling novelist whose work includes archaeological thrillers, the Darwen Arkwright children’s series, the Will Hawthorne fantasy adventures, novels based on Macbeth and Hamlet, and two upcoming young adult series, Steeplejack and Cathedrals of Glass. He is also the Robinson Distinguished Professor of Shakespeare at UNC Charlotte. His website is www.ajhartley.net


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Tom DeLonge Sets December 9th Release For Limited Edition “Poet Anderson – The Dream Walker” Graphic Novel

Tom DeLonge Sets December 9th Release For Limited Edition “Poet Anderson – The Dream Walker” Graphic Novel

Coming December 9th!

Coming December 9th!

Multi-platinum-selling artist TOM DELONGE has announced a December 9th release for “Poet Anderson – The Dream Walker,” a graphic novel and art collector book that compiles all three issues of the critically acclaimed Poet Anderson comic series, 20 pages of stunning never-before-seen concept art and the instrumental version of Angels & Airwaves’ acclaimed album The Dream Walker, which hit No. 1 on iTunes.

A trailer for the collection can be seen below!

The limited edition “Poet Anderson – The Dream Walker” set is being released thorough Magnetic Press in collaboration with DeLonge’s entertainment company, To The Stars, Inc. and available for purchase HERE.

More than just a prequel to the film and novel trilogy, “Poet Anderson – The Dream Walker” is the must-read origin story that introduces readers to The Dream World, where a deep mythology begins to unfold and where Poet’s long and vibrant journey begins. Nerdist described the Poet comic books as “stunning, filled with a kinetic energy.” We The Nerdy said the books showed “a ton of imagination, creativity and [are] absolutely gorgeous to look at.”Graphic Policy declared it “visually amazing and completely beautiful” and Digital Trends praised its creator by writing, “No doubt about it, Tom DeLonge is a modern day dream weaver.”

The collection follows the release of Poet Anderson …Of Nightmares (Simon & Schuster), which was written by DeLonge and New York Times best-selling author Suzanne Young and hit No. 1 on Amazon’s Teen & Young Adult Thrillers & Suspense chart. The novel is the first of a planned trilogy of Poet Anderson adventures from the duo. Rolling Stone premiered an excerpt from the book, which can be read HERE and Billboard premiered “Home,” a track from the four-song Angels & Airwaves ‘…Of Nightmares’ EP that accompanied the book.

The graphic novel, book and EP continue the story of Poet Anderson, a character DeLonge introduced last year with the animated short “Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker” (which won “Best Animated Film at the Toronto International Short Film Festival). That film also came with the Angels & Airwaves companion  album, The Dream Walker.

As reported in the Los Angeles Times, DeLonge has also written and directed a live-action Poet Anderson short film featuring “Teen Wolf” star Tyler Posey as Poet that’s set for a 2016 release.


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Rolling Stone Premieres Angels & Airwaves’ “Into The Night”; Tom DeLonge Novel Set For October 6 Release

Rolling Stone Premieres Angels & Airwaves’ “Into The Night”; Tom DeLonge Novel Set For October 6 Release


Rolling Stone is premiering “Into The Night,” the lead track from ANGELS & AIRWAVES’ upcoming EP, …Of Nightmares. “Into The Night” can be heard HERE  and is available as an instant download when pre-ordering the EP on iTunes.

Set for a September 4th release, …Of Nightmares follows last year’s  Angels & Airwaves album The Dream Walker, which shot to No. 1 on iTunes.  The new EP  is the music companion to “Poet Anderson …Of Nightmares” (Simon & Schuster), the upcoming novel from Angels’ frontman Tom DeLonge and New York Times best-selling author SUZANNE YOUNG. The first of a planned trilogy of Poet Anderson adventures from the duo,  “Poet Anderson …Of Nightmares is set for an October 6th release and explores an unknown world where dreams meet reality as the chasm between disappears.

The new EP and novel also follow last year’s award-winning 14-minute animated short companion film, Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker, which was awarded “Best Animated Film” at the 2014 Toronto International Short Film Festival.

Poet Anderson …Of Nightmares tells the story of two recently orphaned teen brothers on a journey to a new life. The elder brother, Alan, is heading to a job at the Hotel Eden in Seattle, where their parents worked before they were killed in a horrific plane crash, and younger brother Jonas, the misfit of the two, returns to the “normalcy” of high school. But normal is nowhere in sight as unseen forces wreck their lives in every possible way. Tragedy leaves Alan in a coma and young Jonas left to fight for both of their lives against enemies from a dark nightworld.

Poet Anderson …Of Nightmares is available for excerpts and authors DeLonge and Young are available for interviews.

About the Authors:

Tom DeLonge is an award-winning musician, producer and director, best known as the lead vocalist and songwriter for the platinum-selling bands Blink-182 and Angels & Airwaves.   Under his media production company To The Stars…, Tom has created transmedia entertainment properties that span music, film, comics and books.  Poet Anderson …Of Nightmares is precluded by the animated short film Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker, which took home Best Animation in Toronto, the critically-acclaimed comic book series of the same name and the top-charting album The Dream Walker. Limited edition collectable packages will be available on ToTheStars.Media, bringing together all media formats for one major compelling visual landscape of the Poet Anderson universe.  An advanced book club community will also be live for fans that want to immerse themselves in the book prior to publication date and experience a directors cut of the book with rich media content.

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The New Regime: Ilan Rubin’s Latest Project To Release ‘Exhibit B’ On March 31st

The New Regime: Ilan Rubin’s Latest Project To Release ‘Exhibit B’ On March 31st


Though Ilan Rubin is best known for his work Nine Inch NailsAngels & Airwaves and Paramore, it can be argued that his best work happens when this one-man band is fronting—and backing The New Regime.

Rubin is gearing up for the March 31st release of The New Regime’s Exhibit B, an 8-song collection that he not only wrote and recorded, but also played every instrument and sang all the vocals. Alternative Press is premiering the album’s first track, “We Rise, We Fall,” which can be heard HERE.

Trent Reznor says his first impression of Ilan Rubin was, “this kid reminds me of me when I was his age. Then I realized he was much more naturally talented. He’s irritatingly talented.”

Tom DeLonge calls Rubin “the best instrumentalist I’ve ever met in my life.”

Haley Williams says “Ilan not only meshed with us as a band, but he made us better individual players. He challenged us and he felt comfortable bringing his style to the table, which in turn added a very confident, very reliable backbone to our new sound.

Rubin wrote and recorded Exhibit B almost entirely while touring with Nine Inch Nails in 2013-2014. And it was on that tour that Rubin got to stretch his wings onstage as well. “Most people didn’t know about all the things I can do because there was never really a place to showcase those skills,” he says. “When I first toured with Nine Inch Nails in 2009, Trent knew that I could play piano, so wherever there was a piano part, I would take it over. On the last tour, the band was down to a four-piece, so we needed to distribute parts as best we could. There were a lot of moments when I played bass and guitar and some keyboards. And I think that was a big help in getting people to see a bit more of what I’m about as a musician.” Incidentally, the tour also saw him pick up a new instrument—the cello—at Reznor’s behest.

He took on a more traditional role with Paramore, filling in on that band’s self-titled album when they found themselves suddenly drummer-less, and even going out in that role on some tour dates before Reznor called him back for a surprise NIN reformation. “It was the first time I’d played with people who were my age,” he points out, “ and we got along really well. Sessions are fun, because it’s a way of temporarily putting you in a setting that you wouldn’t usually be in and helps to sharpen your skills.”

When Angels & Airwaves’ Tom DeLonge started planning The Dream Walker, Ilan’s involvement was hardly just for sessions. Rubin was a full creative partner with DeLonge on the collective’s recent album. “It’s the first time I’ve collaborated with anybody else as a writer,” says Rubin. “I would always be part of someone else’s band and play drums and that was it, or I’d write all my own music entirely by myself. So that was a great experience.” Released this past December, The Dream Walker hit No. 3 on Billboard’s Top Indie Album Chart and No. 5 on the Alternative Chart. It also went to No. 1 on iTunes in 14 countries.

To find out what Rubin sounds like when he’s in control of the creative process from start to finish, you of course have to look—and listen to—The New Regime, now on record number four, between two full-length albums (2008’s Coup and 2011’s Speak Through The White Noise)and two “exhibits” (2013’s Exhibit A and now Exhibit B). He finds that when people discover that The New Regime is a one-man band, he runs into the perception that some other musicians have done that same thing as more of a stunt than a musical necessity.

“It’s not me playing other instruments because I can,” he says. “It’s because I can execute my exact vision for the music. I view the music as a composer, except I’m able to play all the instruments in the orchestra. I play the bass, guitar, drums and piano the way I want it to be done for these songs, so why would I have anybody else but me do these things—especially when I’m able to play exactly what I’m envisioning?”

Whether listeners know where Rubin has already been or not, they’re arriving at a rich musical landscape signaled by the title of Exhibit B’s opening track – “Where I’ve Headed All Along.”

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Angels & Airwaves Premiere Trailer For Animated Short Film

Angels & Airwaves Premiere Trailer For Animated Short Film


IndieWire today premiered the trailer for the new animated short film Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker, from the imagination of Tom DeLonge and featuring music by Angels & Airwaves.  The short film will be released on December 9, 2014 and is an official selection of the 2014 Toronto International ShortFilm Festival, taking place November 12-14, 2014.  Click here to watch the trailer >

Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker follows Poet, a Lucid Dreamer with the rare ability to be aware of his dreams while they’re happening.  As Poet journeys deeper into his vivid dream life, he meets his Dream Walker, a guardian angel of dreams who protects him from the torment of a vicious Night Terror monster.  But when his nightmares break through into his waking life, Poet must face his demons to fulfill his destiny.

Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker is a story by Tom DeLonge.  Written by Tom DeLonge, Sergio Martins, Edgar Martins & Ben Kull.  Art by Sergio Martins & Edgar Martins.  The film features music from Angels & Airwaves’ upcoming album The Dream Walker preview track “Paralyzed,” which Rolling Stone recently premiered.  Upon its release, the song rocketed onto the Top 10 on iTunes’ Alternative Chart.

Scheduled for a December release, The Dream Walker was written, recorded and produced by Angels & Airwaves’ frontman/guitarist Tom DeLonge and multi-instrumentalist Ilan Rubin, known for his work with Nine Inch Nails. The album was recorded at Jupiter Sound in San Diego, CA, and mixed by Aaron Rubin, Tom Lord Alge and Alan Moulder. “Paralyzed” was mixed by Aaron Rubin.

The Dream Walker  follows AVA’s last two albums, Love (2010) and Love: Part Two (2011) and its companion film, Love, which investigated the psychological effects of isolation when an astronaut stranded in space learns the importance of human connection and love. The critically acclaimed movie was screened at festivals around the world.

Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker will also feature a comic book series, novels and a live-action feature film launching in 2015.


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