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Wrestlemania Do-Over: A Look at the RAW After Wrestlemania 32

Wrestlemania Do-Over: A Look at the RAW After Wrestlemania 32


The RAW after Wrestlemania has become famous for being far from a normal affair. The nights are usually full of rowdy crowds, exciting debuts, and surprising returns. This has been the usual occurrence for the past 5 years at least. Sunday night’s Wrestlemania was a bit underwhelming for most, myself included. Even so, we all still tuned in on Monday night to watch the “most exciting Raw of the year”. How did this post Mania Raw stack up to those in the past? Well I’m not sure if it was the best post Mania Raw but like Mania itself, the booking was a bit odd. Follow me as we cover each segment of Raw. A Raw that I’m going to refer to as “Wrestlemania Do-over”.

Our “lovable” announce team kicks off the show with a “post Mania Raw disclaimer”. They announce that the crowd after Mania is one of the craziest and loudest crowds of the year. Those who are normally cheered will be booed and vice versa. Expect a lot of excitement going into tonight’s Raw! Now it would seem that they are going to continue with a Reigns face push as they are now giving the TV audience an excuse as to why he will be booed tonight. I like that WWE is acknowledging the unavoidable crowd noise that will take place but I can’t stand the excuses being given.


Mr. McMahon’s music hits and the crowd sings loudly. Out comes Vince with a smile and he basically “conducts” the audience as they continue singing after his music cuts. Playing off the song lyrics he says that there was “no chance in hell” that Shane McMahon was going to beat Undertaker at Mania. He says that no one has any power over him anymore. Vince changes his tone a bit and said that he never realized how bad his son wanted to run Raw. He says that he felt bad as Shane climbed to the top of the cell and jumped. This elicits a “Better than Roman” chant from the crowd and Shane’s music hits. He shakes Vince’s hand and thanks the audience. As he’s walking away Vince stops him and tells him that no one upstages Vince McMahon. Vince says that if Shane wants to run Raw then going ahead “let’s see what you got”.

So let me get this straight, no matter the outcome of the Taker/Shane match Shane still gets to run Raw? It just seems as though that match didn’t matter at all. In my mind that cell spot still accomplished nothing. I don’t want to harp on this too much as Shane running Raw for the night ended up being lackluster in itself but we’ll get to that.


Out comes the New Day and they cut an incredible promo, as always. Xavier has the last piece of cereal from their Wrestlemania Booty-O’s box and presents it to the crowd while singing “Circle of Life” from the Lion King. We go to commercial and on the comeback Lillian is in the ring dancing with all of New Day. This was a fun little segment prior to the tag team title match. Here come the League of Nations and we set up for the tag match between Big E/Kofi and Sheamus/Barrett. New Day goes over clean with a pin on Barrett. They leave the ring and Sheamus takes the mic. Oh boy!

Sheamus cuts a similar promo to the one we saw on Sunday. He then vocalizes that a dominate team is only as strong as their weakest link.  The League turn on Wade as the audience sends him off with the goodbye chant. This will most likely be the last time we see Barrett on WWE tv for some time. Now, this may be my favorite part of the night as the Wyatts attack LON and presumably turn face. I still don’t agree with their booking at Mania but I definitely see them being a dominate face faction.

We cut to the backstage area as Vince is heading to his limo. He’s asked if he is leaving because he believes Raw is in good hands. Vince scoffs at this notion and says he’s leaving because Raw is going to be a disaster. It’s confirmed that Shane running Raw is strictly temporary.


Cut to the ring where Summer Rae is delivering a decent promo on the Women’s Championship and Sasha Banks. Out comes Sasha and the two have a quick match in which Banks forces Summer to tap. We go to commercial as it’s announced Apollo Crews will make his Raw debut next.

When we come back Tyler Breeze’s music hits and it seems we may be getting a rematch from October’s NXT Takeover: Respect event. Crews comes out to a very large pop. After a very quick back and forth Apollo squashes Breeze. This wasn’t as interesting as the two’s previous match but it was a good way to introduce the main audience to the athletic prowess of Apollo Crews. As we approach a commercial break it is advertised that a Reigns promo is up next. This crowd erupts into boos as we go to commercial.


Reigns comes out to a plethora of boos, but somehow WWE found the only two Roman signs in the crowd. He grabs the mic and smirks at the crowd saying “come on guys”. Reigns assures us that he’s not a bad guy, he’s not a good guy, he’s THE guy. I guess the company is going to have Reigns remain in the middle and continue to not care. It’s been working so far, right? Roman says that if there is anyone in the back who thinks they’re man enough to face him then come out now. Jericho’s music hits to a loud pop. The crowd continues to chant loud nonsense, not a change from the rest of the show. Chris calls them idiots and says they are not hijacking the show on his account. The crowd response with a “we are idiots” chant. Finally something I can agree with. Jericho says that Reigns better put him at the top of the list for his WWE World Heavyweight title. Out comes Styles, followed by Owens, followed by Zayn. Styles and Jericho begin to brawl while Owens and Zayn fight on the outside. The segment ends when Reigns hits Jericho with a spear. The crowd continues to boo. Shane puts together a fatal four way match between Jericho, Styles, Zayn, and Owens to determine the number one contender for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.


We come back and Baron Corbin, Andre the Giant trophy winner, makes his way to the ring. He cuts a quick promo before being interrupted by his opponent, Dolph Ziggler. Pretty decent back and forth from a tv viewer perspective. The crowd was very distracted as they were playing with a beach ball. Ziggler and Corbin continue fighting while the crowd bursts into a confusing “you sold out” chant. Apparently an arena employee took the beach ball. Just another instance where the crowd stopped being rowdy and just began acting like children. The people who provided the beach balls were supposedly kicked out of the show. Back to the match, Baron Corbin tosses Ziggler over the barricade and the match ends by count out. Corbin, confusingly frustrated, takes his anger out on Ziggler by delivering an End of Days on the outside.

Moving forward we have Zack Ryder in the ring cutting a promo about his Wrestlemania win. He said it was the greatest night of his life and thanks his dad who is in the front row…..looking jacked! Miz comes out and talks about being embarrassed at Mania. He challenges Ryder to a match for the IC title. After a bit of arguing Ryder accepts and the match begins. Forgettable match that ends with a distraction by a returning Maryse attacking Ryder’s father. Miz picks up the win and we have a new Intercontinental Champion. The one thing I enjoyed from Sunday has been taken away just 24 hours later. It was expected but I was so proud of Long Island Iced Z.


Coming back from break we have a video promo stating that the Vaudevillains will be on Smackdown. We move to the ring where Lita is standing surrounded by the women superstars. She’s here to formally present the Women’s Championship to Charlotte. The crowd erupts in multiple Bayley chants and out comes Charlotte. She praises the fans and women in the ring. She says they’ve come so far as women and they are all to thank. The fans, I guess understanding they were acting like children, begin chanting “women’s wrestling”. Charlotte then says the person who deserves the most thanks is her father, Ric Flair. She goes into heel mode and every other woman leaves the ring. Nattie grabs a mic and says that her genetics are superior to Charlotte’s. She challenges Charlotte to a match and the segment ends. We just saw this at Roadblock so it’s odd that we are going back to this. Especially when we still have a perfectly good program with Sasha. These two will have a great match regardless and I’m really looking forward to it.


Another commercial break and we get a video package for the return of Primo and Epico. Back to the action, the Dudleys vs the Usos in a tables match is up next. They have a decent contest with a rather odd finish. The Usos set the Dudleys up for a similar spot to the one at Mania. The Dudleys move out of the way and the Usos go through the tables. The timekeeper rings the bell, however, in order for a tables match to end the superstar must be put through a table by the opposing superstar. D-von quickly grabs an Uso, sorry I don’t know which one….ha, and throws him through a table. Bubba begins to go off on the timekeeper but remains in character.

The disappointment of not seeing Enzo and Cass is sinking in as we head backstage to Renee interviewing Sami Zayn. This is interrupted as Owens attacks Zayn and powerbombs him through a table, basically eliminating him from the fatal four way match. We go back to the ring and the Dudleys have not left. My spirits are lifted. They are still pissed and begin walking towards the stage. The music hits and out come Enzo and Big Cass to the biggest pop of the night. Enzo cuts one of the funniest promos I’ve heard in a long time, no surprise there. I’m assuming this is setting up a program between these two teams and I couldn’t be happier. It’s a great first program for their main roster debut.


It’s time for the main event and each competitor comes to the ring. Lillian announces that this will still be a fatal four way match and this man will be replacing Sami Zayn. Cesaro’s music hits and everyone loves it. This was a great match with a few fantastic spots including Cesaro’s swing and uppercut train. AJ Styles ends up going over clean with a Styles Clash on Chris Jericho. We go off the air as Styles poses in the ring.

For a post Mania Raw this show dragged quite a bit. A Shane McMahon run Raw seems eerily familiar to an Authority run Raw and perhaps that was the point. The crowd itself became increasingly obnoxious as the show progressed. I’m all for the crowd having fun but I can’t stand when they go into business for themselves. The last hour was obviously the highlight with the Enzo/Cass debut and the AJ Styles win. It felt as they creative was back peddling a bit with their Wrestlemania booking. An AJ Styles win tonight does not justify the Mania loss. That’s 50/50 booking at its finest. I don’t understand why Shane was allowed to run Raw tonight. It doesn’t make any sense for Vince to just all of the sudden say, “go ahead”. We also have to look forward. Creative isn’t doing itself any favors if they are trying to not get Reigns booed. They’re putting him up against “internet darling” and lovable AJ Styles. I will say that the show did spark my interest and I’m curious as to what they do going forward.

Well guys, I’m definitely burnt out on the product and I need a few days rest. If you count NXT, Hall of Fame, Mania, and Raw there was about 15 hours of WWE product being shown this weekend. I watched every bit of it and I need a break. I hope you enjoyed reading these as this concludes our Wrestlemania coverage. If everything goes right I would love to come back and chat about WWE Payback with you all. Be sure to check out Lucha Underground and NXT this Wednesday night. You can also always find me on twitter @TheDylanLyles. Have a good night everybody!

About the writer: 
The Phenomenal Dylan Lyles has been watching wrestling since his emergence out of the womb on April 10th of 1992. A lifelong WWE fan, the first event he can remember watching was Wrestlemania 11. Since then, he has surrounded himself with the world of wrestling in multiple facets. Besides wrestling Dylan is an obsessive fan of both horror and comic books. You may see him sharing his opinion on just about everything on the internet or maybe even working the MonsterMania Con on the east coast. You love him and he loves you! Follow him on Twitter at @TheDylanLyles.

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SwerveMania: The Good, The Bad and the WTF of Wrestlemania 32

SwerveMania: The Good, The Bad and the WTF of Wrestlemania 32


As previously stated in our predictions article, Wrestlemania is the biggest event for all wrestling fans. The show is more than just a PPV of matches. It has become an event that has taken over an entire weekend of any fan. It’s a wrestling fan’s dream to attend the weekend festivities that come with the monumental occasion. As much as the WWE would like you to forget their age, yesterday marked the 31st anniversary of Wrestlemania as we all gathered around our respective viewing stations and watched what can be viewed as the culmination of the year’s storylines. What will follow in this article is a critical view of the Mania itself. It wasn’t all bad, it wasn’t all good, and not all of it made a lot of sense. Join me as we look back at this year’s Wrestlemania.

We kick off the preshow at 5pm EST. The beginning of a run time that approached 7 hours by the time we reached show end. Of course we get a bit of banter from the usual preshow team before we get into the matches. Nothing groundbreaking, but it is hinted that Lita has a big announcement to make going into the second hour of the preshow.


We kick off the first match between Kalisto and Ryback. The stadium, still half empty at this point, erupted into Goldberg chants as Ryback walked to the ring. Again, nothing surprising, these two had a decent contest that ended with Kalisto getting a clean victory and retaining the US Title. It was at this point that I noticed grumblings on the internet by fans not being allowed into the arena. These fans were rather vocal on the twitterverse beginning to blame WWE. Honestly, I would say that the fault lies with poor planning by the stadium staff. Most of the fans were in prior to the beginning of the main show and I’d say they didn’t miss much by not seeing the preshow.

As we kick into the second hour of the preshow we have Team Total Divas taking on Team BAD and Blonde. The match itself was not too bad with impressive showings by both Alicia Fox, Summer Rae, and Emma. The Total Divas pick up the victory as Brie forces a Naomi tap out when she applied her husband’s Yes Lock.


Following the match there is a huge announcement by Lita in the middle of the ring. This is it, the moment we’ve all been clamoring for. They’ve unveiled a new Women’s Championship as they are finally retiring that dreadful butterfly belt. The women will now be referred to as “Superstars” like the men, as it should be. The only part of this unveiling that confused me is Lita saying that this is the first Women’s Championship. I’m almost 100% sure that prior to the Diva’s belt, the female title was always referred to as the Women’s Championship, but, I digress.

We then have a quick match featuring the Usos taking on the Dudleys. Usos go over clean to audible boos. Following the match the Dudley Boyz begin beating down the Usos and imply that they’re going to put them through tables. The Usos fight their way back and end up putting the Dudleys through tables. The crowd was beginning to fill in and loudly boo as the Usos made their comeback. They seemed to be playing the crowd emotions up a bit and even teasing a slight heel turn. This will be a great way to reinvent the stale team.


Finally, two hours in, it is time to kick off the main show. Unexpectedly we kick off the show with the Intercontinental Ladder match. I believed we would begin with the Battle Royal but that wouldn’t come for much much later. This ladder match was amazing, no surprise there. I would even say it was the second best match on the card. Stardust unveiled a polka dot ladder in tribute to his late great father, Dusty Rhodes, and there were a few pretty great spots including Sin Cara being pushed off the ladder onto Stardust through a second ladder. Going into the match there were two obvious choices for who was going to leave with the belt, Owens or Zayn. This was the main feud to come out of this contest. The cards were all on the table. Who was going to be leaving the champion and who was going to be chasing the title? As we approach the ending of the match we see an incredible bump by Owens onto the ladder that basically took him out of the ending. Miz climbs the ladder as the stadium erupts into boos. Even I was flipping out. I just knew WWE was going to screw this up at this point. All of the sudden, Zack Ryder climbs the ladder, pushes Miz off, and claims victory. This was shocking and definitely unexpected. However, this guy has done so much for this company and I was glad to see him pick up the win. He deserves this. The Zayn/Owens feud doesn’t need a belt to fight over and this can easily pour over into them being too distracted by eachother to win the ladder match. This was only the beginning of the many swerves we would see tonight. Probably the only one I popped hard.


We are then led into the video recap of the feud between AJ Styles and Chris Jericho. Many expected this match to be a show stealer, myself included. It didn’t turn out that way in my opinion. It sunk in that we’ve seen this match and all of these spots many times before. I was invested and when Jericho teased him hitting the Styles Clash I was on the edge of my seat. It was the moment that AJ finally hit the Styles Clash and Jericho kicked out that made me roll my eyes. The Styles Clash used to be one of the most devastating moves in wrestling. It’s no more effective than Ziggler’s fameasser. The match ends when Jericho reverses a Styles’ Phenomenal Forearm into a Codebreaker. Visually this looked awesome but as the dust settled I was just left confused. This should’ve been Styles’ Wrestlemania moment. Jericho did not need this win at all. Think about it, Jericho lost to Fandango at Mania but beat AJ Styles. This was a booking decision that I just do not understand. The way this match ended I would say the feud is not finished but that just means we are going to see yet another match from these two. Swerve number two of the night.


What’s that on the stage? That’s a giant box of Booty-Os baby! I was too hype for this entrance as the box tips over and out comes the New Day dressed in full Dragon Ball Z gear. The match itself was a standard match between New Day and the League of Nations. However, for some reason the League of Nations went over for the first time of their entire feud. They announce that they are the most dominant group in professional wrestling (lulz). At that moment Shawn Michaels’ music hits and out he comes in his ring gear. This is followed by Mick Foley and Stone Cold Steve Austin. They destroy the League of Nations and celebrate in the ring with New Day. Xavier Woods tries to get Austin to dance and Austin answers with a stunner. Let’s get this straight, you have one of the most over tag teams in WWE history and you have them lose to set up a legends’ appearance? It was a nice little moment but still doesn’t make much sense to me. My knee jerk reaction was excitement but, once again, as the dust settled I was left a little underwhelmed.


Alright, now it’s time for a fight as we set up for Lesnar vs Ambrose in the Street Fight. I was pretty excited for this match. Finally an opponent for Lesnar that I can see going over. Ambrose is booked as this lunatic that will stop at nothing to beat his opponent. However, what we got was a standard Lesnar match. A lot of suplexes with a brief comeback by Dean. Ambrose brought out both the chainsaw and barbie which led to a whole lotta nothing. A notable spot includes Ambrose channeling his inner Terry Funk by filling the ring with chairs. This decision would backfire as was both suplexed and F-5ed onto the chair pile leading to a Lesnar victory. What did this feud do? Lesnar dominated on the build and the match. If Ambrose went over he would’ve been a made star. He would’ve been the crazy man who conquered the beast. Legendary! Instead, swerve number four as nothing notable happened.


This leads us to the match of the night, the Women’s Championship match between Charlotte, Becky, and Sasha. Becky comes out with a pseudo steam punk look filled with emotion. Sasha is accompanied to the ring by her uncle, Snoop Dogg, and is decked out in her hero’s, Eddie Guerrero, gear. Charlotte comes down wearing a robe that was made from pieces of the robe her father, Ric Flair, wore during his retirement match. If you were to watch these entrances you would say that Sasha was going over. She had the fantastic fanfare entrance and the Guerrero tribute gear, the stage was set! That wouldn’t be the case. These three women had a fantastic match that could be considered the greatest women’s match in Wrestlemania history. I have one complaint with this match and it has to do with the finish. I have no issue with Charlotte keeping the belt. I do have an issue with Ric being involved with the finish. All of this build for the Women’s Championship and it’s decided by Ric Flair restraining Sasha Banks. Just seems like a fantastic match with a underwhelming finish. That being said, still match of the night.


Holy waste of a storyline, Batman! The Hell in a Cell match between Taker and Shane almost caused me to turn the network off. The match itself wasn’t horrible. Shane’s offense looked about as good as it has always looked, not great. It did make Undertaker look a bit week as McMahon kicked out of both the last ride and a chokeslam onto the steps. We saw triangle chokes, a coast to coast, and the destruction of multiple announce tables. You’d think this match was amazing, it wasn’t. It was pretty dull to be honest. It all built to one big spot. Shane lays Undertaker across the announce desk and climbs to the top of the cell. I didn’t want to see this and I was audibly begging for this not to happen. Shane dives off the top of the cell and flies through the announce table. The company that is now preaching about safety to all of its superstars just allowed a 46 year old man to jump off a 20 ft cell through a table. Thankfully McMahon was okay but one wrong move and we could be telling a different story. We didn’t need a spot like that from Shane in this day in age. Nevertheless, the men get back into the ring. Taker tombstones Shane and gets a clean victory. Someone please explain the point of this to me. We brought Shane back for Mania and built up this big change coming to WWE. The fans were teased with a Shane run Raw. Are we supposed to be happy because this won’t be a 51 year old man’s last Wrestlemania? This entire feud seemed to be built around the fact that they wanted Shane to jump off stuff. There was no real payoff here. I don’t expect to see either of these men at Raw. Just seems like a waste at this point.


By this point I’m burnt out on Wrestlemania but we’ve still got about an hour or so to go. Out come the competitors for the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Notable entrants include Tatanka, DDP, Big Show, Kane, Baron Corbin, Mark Henry, and Shaquille O’Neal. That’s right, an unadvertised appearance by Shaq that has been teased for years. Plenty of fun but questionable spots involved in this one. Make note, Sandow got a huge pop which led to boos as he was tossed out by O’Neal. The match ended as Baron Corbin stood victorious. It was nice to see an NXT superstar go over here. Even though Corbin is basically the Roman Reigns of NXT. I would presume he will be on the main roster from here on out.

What follows is a segment that I’m still baffled by at this moment. The Dallas Cheerleaders come out and perform a quick routine. The Rock’s music hits and out he comes with a flamethrower. I had no idea what I was watching but the crowd was eating it up. The Rock hops on the mic and announces that the AT&T stadium has set the new attendance record. At this moment the Wyatt’s interrupt. They come down and come face to face with the “Great One”. The Rock then calls out a referee and rips his pants off. He’s wearing his gear and is ready for a match. He beats Erick Rowan in three seconds…………why? The Wyatts then surround the ring and out comes Cena for the save. The two men then destroy the Wyatt Family and celebrate. Who did this help? The Wyatts could be huge but they continue to be booked to lose to part timers and legends. They are no longer a threat and this made that very apparent.


At this point it is past 11 and we’ve been watching Wrestlemania for 6 hours. It’s time for the main event and Triple H comes out to an entrance that is indescribable. Seriously, go to the Network right now and watch this thing. Roman comes out to huge boos, unsurprisingly. This is it though; the moment we’ve all been waiting for. We know that Reigns is going to turn heel, it’s the only logical step. There’s no way he could go over clean and leave with the belt as a face. Well hold onto your hats because there’s swerve in every match except for this one!  Reigns beats Triple H clean and even gets a spear in on Stephanie. What a great guy! It’s 11:45 and Wrestlemania goes off the air with Roman Reigns standing tall amongst a mixed reaction crowd that was mostly boos.

I didn’t hate this event. It was actually much better than the build for it. The ring work itself was fantastic. That being said, it was too damn long as I found myself drifting asleep during multiple matches. The NXT event on Friday night was a quick, fast paced two and half hours. I know Wrestlemania needs to be longer than that because of the sheer magnitude of the event. That being said, there is no reason it couldn’t have been about four hours and some change. It wasn’t just the length but the booking didn’t make any sense. Ask yourself, what does the future hold coming out of this event? I’ll wait………… It seemed as though creative was trying to swerve us for the sake of swerving us. As stated, I love Zack Ryder’s moment but what in the hell else happened for the better of the company? Right now, your most over guys coming out of Mania is The Rock, John Cena, Shawn Michaels, Mick Foley, Steve Austin, Brock Lesnar, Chris Jericho and the Undertaker. Fantastic, where’s the future? This is all being written before Monday Night Raw so hopefully something has changed.

I may sound bitter but I was very excited for this event as I am every year. Wrestlemania is supposed to be the “season finale” for WWE. So far nothing has changed. We are still going into Raw as an Authority run WWE. Most of the individuals who got over last night will not be there tonight. What do we do now? Hopefully we see a few surprises on Raw. Have a good one. — The Phenomenal Dylan Lyles

About the writer: 
The Phenomenal Dylan Lyles has been watching wrestling since his emergence out of the womb on April 10th of 1992. A lifelong WWE fan, the first event he can remember watching was Wrestlemania 11. Since then, he has surrounded himself with the world of wrestling in multiple facets. Besides wrestling Dylan is an obsessive fan of both horror and comic books. You may see him sharing his opinion on just about everything on the internet or maybe even working the MonsterMania Con on the east coast. You love him and he loves you!

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OFF THE TOP ROPE: Our High-Flyers Offer Up Their Wrestlemania 32 Predictions!

OFF THE TOP ROPE: Our High-Flyers Offer Up Their Wrestlemania 32 Predictions!


It’s the biggest night of the year for wrestling fans — WRESTLEMANIA! This year marks the highly anticipated 32nd anniversary of the legendary event. Wrestling’s biggest night will take place on Sunday, April 3 from AT&T Stadium in Dallas, and broadcast live around the world on WWE Network.

There are several intriguing matches on this year’s card. While we still long for the days of the earlier ‘Mania cards where there were numerous meaningful matches, this card has shaped up rather nicely. Many of these matches could go either way, so it is with great care that our top talents have made thrown caution to the wind and made these predictions.

The Heartbreak Duke is a WWE aficionado. His lifelong love of professional wrestling has landed him at countless live events and even lead him to a tangle or two inside the squared circle. His favorite WWE performer of all-time is Shawn Michaels. His style is best described as a perfect blend of The Blue Meanie, Mr. Fugi, Corbin Bernsen and Tatanka.

The Phenomenal Dylan Lyles has been watching wrestling since his emergence out of the womb on April 10th of 1992. A lifelong WWE fan, the first event he can remember watching was Wrestlemania 11. Since then, he has surrounded himself with the world of wrestling in multiple facets. Besides wrestling Dylan is an obsessive fan of both horror and comic books. You may see him sharing his opinion on just about everything on the internet or maybe even working the MonsterMania Con on the east coast. You love him and he loves you!

Hacksaw Jeremy Morrison is an unapologetic defender of the Backyard Wrestling movement that swept the nation in the late 90s. His dedication to winning the Intercontinental Championship Belt in WWE 2K16 is rivaled only by teaching his children how to properly sit on a Sharpshooter. His life was forever changed in January 2016 when he attended his first live NXT event in Chicago and was witness to the magic that is Sami Zayn.



The Heartbreak Duke: This year’s Wrestlemania is shaping up to be a great event. I must admit, I was skeptical as Wrestlemania neared. Without stars such as Cesaro, Cena, Rollins and Orton, would the WWE be able to put together a strong card? This year, that answer is YES! YES! YES!

The Phenomenal Dylan Lyles: Can you smell it in the air? Wrestlemania is upon us! The blood, sweat and, most likely, tears will flow Sunday as the superstars who are NOT INJURED compete for their Wrestlemania moment! Of course, I’m kidding. This Sunday’s Wrestlemania card may seem lackluster at first glance. Look a bit deeper and you’ll see the matches are interesting and, dare I say, unpredictable in a certain manner. Many fans are complaining about the lack of build and excitement for Sunday’s event. I must remind those fans of the lack of build we had last year and the phenomenal Mania that took place. So, strap in kiddies because it’s time for Wrestlemania 32 predictions … it’s gonna be bumpy!

Hacksaw Jeremy Morrison: This week the WWE circus has taken over Dallas in preparation for Sunday’s big live event. If anything, the WWE has proven time and time again for at least one weekend, the Sports Entertainment world has no choice but to step aside and watch as the WWE Superstars climb a 20ft ladder of supremacy. Will they reach the gold or come crashing down through a pile of well-stacked tables outside the ring?



Total Divas (Brie Bella, Natalya, Alicia Fox, Paige and Eva Marie) vs. B.A.D and Blonde (Tamina, Naomi, Summer Rae, Emma and Lana)

The Heartbreak Duke: I’m not into this match but appreciate that these women are getting onto the card in some way. I’m interested to see Lana’s ability in the ring. Not many B.A.D members and Blonde have had any success as of late, and with the name recognition of Total Divas, I’ll go with the Total Divas on this one.
Winner: Total Divas

The Phenomenal Dylan Lyles: This past Monday night we saw Paige taking on Emma. It was cool seeing Emma back on Raw and picking up the victory. After the match the divas, except for Lana, brawled in the middle of the ring. Who was gonna be the final member of Team Total Divas to take on Team B.A.D and Blonde?! Eva Marie! And the crowd goes … mild? Yes, Eva Marie comes out awkwardly to boos and even a few cold shoulders from her teammates. That brings us to this Sunday. I have to go with Team Total Divas for the fact Brie is supposedly making her last appearance on Monday night. Also we’re still not done playing off the feel good Daniel Bryan retirement. It only makes sense to have the Total Divas win but please don’t have Emma or Lana take the fall. They’ll be dead in the water at that point, if they’re not already. I’m also calling a “heel turn” by Eva Marie. I put that in quotes because no one enjoys her to begin with … sorry?
Winner: Total Divas

Hacksaw Jeremy Morrison: The stars of Total Divas are set to take on a newly formed stable. Team Total Divas feat. Brie Bella, Natalya, Paige, Alicia Fox, and, fresh from her recent stint at NXT, Eva Marie are set to take on Team B.A.D. and Blonde feat. Tamina, Naomi, Summer Rae, Lana, and another diva back from NXT, Emma. Emma is a household favorite around these parts, but rumor on the street is Brie Bella is set to retire Monday night and I see this as a way for her to go out on top. On the other hand, Team B.A.D. and Blonde’s have been on a slide. A pre-show match with nothing of note at stake is the type of match where heels thrive. I think I just talked myself into an upset.
Winner: Team B.A.D. And Blonde


The Usos vs the Dudley Boyz

The Heartbreak Duke: This match should’ve been on the regular card. On television in recent weeks, it has been played out with intrigue, and it should be a competitive match. Both teams are talented, and it is nice to see them work well together. Can experience overcome youth? As much as I’d like to see the Dudley’s defeat Rikishi’s boys, it won’t be so, and the Usos will be back on track to, hopefully, achieve a tag title soon.
Winner: The Usos

The Phenomenal Dylan Lyles: Honestly, I forgot this match was taking place until this past Monday night. It should be a good one too. The Dudleys are fantastic heels when given the tools. The Usos are amazing workers that, due to the crowd’s disdain for Roman Reigns, haven’t been getting fair treatment by the audience. I expect a fantastic contest between these two teams and, if it’s booked right, all four men will come out looking strong. With that, I’m going with the Dudley Boyz. I’ve got a feeling they are grooming them to be a top heel tag and they need to remain dominant. If all goes well I hope we see a Bubba Ray (Bully Ray) singles run in WWE. For now though, Dudleys to win this pre show tag!
Winners: The Dudley Boyz

Hacksaw Jeremy Morrison: Our second contest set for the pre-show is a matchup that left many scratching their heads. Why isn’t this on the main card? The Dudley Boyz vs The Usos has been ramping up for a while with as much heat as you can ask for going into a PPV. The Dudley Boyz heel turn has been a lot of fun to watch while The Usos remain trapped in this sort of mid-tier purgatory as of late. I hope the Usos get back on track soon, but I have a feeling The Dudley’s have one more run in them and this is the stepping stone to move forward.
Winner: The Dudley Boyz



Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

The Heartbreak Duke: Battle Royals are hard to predict. I am sure of one thing: Big Show won’t win two in a row, and I think he and Kane will take each other out. Bray Wyatt will win this one. Wyatt deserves success and screen time, and perhaps this will be the kickstart he needs. Hopefully WWE Creative wakes up and pushes this guy.
Winner: HBK! (kidding) Bray Wyatt

The Phenomenal Dylan Lyles: Oh my … ummmmm … I don’t know what to say about this match. Half the guys I would book to win are in a ladder match later in the night. Monday we saw, sadly, a preview for the Battle Royal. It was a who’s who of superstars who’ve been booked as jobbers as of late. All I can hope for is we see a fun Social Outcasts spot. Also, the Wyatts haven’t been booked on the main card so I hope for a good showing by the non-injured members. Luke Harper is out with a torn ACL and Bray is having back issues. That leaves Rowan and Strowman. WWE really wants Strowman to be a top level monster. I guess winning the Andre the Giant Battle Royal would be a step in that direction. I don’t know. I swear more interesting stuff is coming. For now, Braun Strowman to dominate the Battle Royal
Winner: Braun Strowman

Hacksaw Jeremy Morrison: The third annual Andre the Giant Battle Royal is a toss up at this point because I’m trying to predict an outcome before all contestants have declared themselves eligible. I do love me some Battle Royals though. Seeing as how the Wyatt Family has been left out of the Main Card this year, I have a feeling they’ll all declare and dominate. It would be nice to see WWE Creative make a course correction for Bray Wyatt after the golden opportunity he had at this year’s Royal Rumble. Five men left. Four willingly step over the top rope.
Winner: Bray Wyatt



A.J. Styles vs. Chris Jericho

The Heartbreak Duke: Their work together has been awesome! While their first match left a bit to be desired, it was still good, and their chemistry has only gotten better. Their match at Roadblock was fantastic, and their brief tag team work was great. Jericho’s heel turn left me wanting another match, and that will happen at Wrestlemania 32. On this big stage, Jericho and Styles will go all out, and this could be the match of the night. Styles wins (hopefully with the Styles Clash).
Winner: A.J. Styles

The Phenomenal Dylan Lyles: Now we’re talking! These two have been putting on spectacular matches since the Rumble. Although we’ve seen this match a bunch of times already it will still be an excellent showing of their abilities on Sunday night. I don’t necessarily agree with the build as Styles should’ve never been booked to do the same mocking gimmick heel Jericho has been doing. If we hadn’t seen it multiple times prior I would say this match would steal the show. That being said, this is going to be an amazing match. Jericho is going to put over Styles, no doubt in my mind. Hopefully we see the Styles Clash on the grandest stage of them all!
Winner: AJ Styles

Hacksaw Jeremy Morrison: This year, WM32 kicks off with a perfect trip to the bathroom. A beer run. Nap. Fluff your pillows and ready yourself for the tired story of A.J. Styles vs Chris Jericho. I couldn’t be less excited for this matchup. I understand I am the outcast here. Everyone is going nuts for these two. Actually, I take it back. I look forward to Jericho calling Styles a “stupid idiot” over and over. Ooo! A drinking game is afoot.
Winner: AJ Styles


Intercontinental Title Match: Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn vs. Zack Ryder vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Stardust vs. Sin Cara vs. The Miz

The Heartbreak Duke: This will also be a great match, as will Styles vs. Jericho, and is hard to predict. I’ll start with process of elimination: Ryder, Stardust, Sin Cara, Ziggler and Miz will not win the IC title in this one. That leaves Zayn and Owens. My head says Owens will win because he’s been on the main roster longer as Zayn just came up to RAW. This will be a whirlwind match and fun to watch. I’m picking my winner because I think him winning will promote an entertaining, lengthy feud: Sami Zayn.
Winner: Sami Zayn

The Phenomenal Dylan Lyles: I applaud WWE for trying to get as many superstars onto the card as they could. They’ve had to work with countless injuries and more changes than I can count. As much as the smark in me wanted to see El Generico (Zayn) taking on Kevin Steen (Owens) at Wrestlemania I understand why they are going with this multi-man match. This match is going to be amazing. These are talented workers who aren’t going to pull any punches and do their best to steal the show. The obvious storyline coming out of this contest is Owens vs Zayn so one of them has to come away with the belt. In most cases, I would say Owens retains as the money is always in the chase for the belt. However, Zayn is also facing Nakamura on Friday night at NXT Takeover: Dallas. They are not going to have Nakamura lose in his first match with the company. That means Zayn is going into this match with a loss. I don’t think WWE is going to have Sami Zayn lose twice in one weekend. So, I’m going with Zayn. This will continue the Owens/Zayn feud and hopefully we get a few callbacks to their previous matches in NXT.
Winner: Sami Zayn

Hacksaw Jeremy Morrison: The IC Title is up for grabs yet again as seven men will punch each other in the face until one man reaches the belt in the latest edition of Ladder Matches Are A Must For This Belt At WrestleMania. I don’t understand why this wasn’t built on the back of the Zayn/Owens rivalry. A one-on-one match would have been grand. Instead we have The Miz, Dolph Ziggler, Stardust, Sin Cara, and Zack Ryder joining the party. I understand after half the roster went down in 2015. I get this is a way to get hard working road dogs on the card. But couldn’t they just as easily get the same amount of work on the worst matchup of the night, Kalisto vs Ryback? That would have pumped up everyone’s interest in that match. “But Kalisto and Ryback are feuding right now, J-Mo.” Yeah. And Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn are gathering their friends for tea time?
Honestly, this is the match I’m most hyped for still. No secret Sami Zayn is a household favorite, his music often is used to calm my thrashing toddler. Zayn and Owens have a rich history to draw from. With Owens holding the belt, he can continue to dodge his old friend. If Zayn reaches the title first, then Owens has a reason to go after Zayn. Or Stardust could win and I will cry man juice from my eye portals.
Winner: Sami Zayn


The New Day vs. The League of Nations

The Heartbreak Duke: I am not much of a New Day fan. I am a fan of the League of Nations, but one can’t deny the roll the New Day is on. They are one of the hottest tag teams WWE has seen in a while, and with the League not getting much of a push, I can’t see them winning, although this should be a fun contest, with the upbeat style of the New Day up against the aggressive League of Nations.
Winner: The New Day

The Phenomenal Dylan Lyles: I’m a simple guy. I wake up every morning and have my big bowl of Booty-Os! I smile every time the New Day comes on the screen. Their promos are fantastic and all three of them are great workers. The League of Nations is beginning to grow on me and I could finally see them as decent heels on Monday night. Del Rio getting into Woods’ face prior to the match is something that stuck with me. This is going to be a great match that leads to a League of Nations beat down. Remember, it’s four on three at this point. As the New Day are getting pummeled ….THE ROCK’S MUSIC HITS! He comes running down and lays out all four League of Nations members and helps New Day pick up the victory. They all had that fantastic promo about a month ago and I can’t think that was for nothing. Shenanigans will distract or knock out the ref which will lead to the Rock helping New Day pick up the victory. NOW THAT’S NOT BOOTY!
Winners: New Day

Hacksaw Jeremy Morrison: The New Day are about to walk into a lion’s den on Sunday. For the first time ever, the three man tag team champions are about to be outnumbered and outsized. It will not be pretty. If only there were some way the match could be fair. But how? The New Day tried bringing in a fourth once before when they were set to take on The Usos and The Dudley Boyz, the night the Dudley’s turned heel, as a matter of fact. Do you think Mark Henry would be willing to help out if The League of Nations are really taking it to The New Day? No? Perhaps The Godfather since he’ll be in attendance as a newly inducted member of the Hall of Fame? Faarooq? D’Lo Brown frog-splashing into Dallas like a man possessed? Man! If only there were some other former member of The Nation of Domination that was announced.
Winner: The New Day feat. The Rock


Kalisto vs. Ryback for the U.S. Title

The Heartbreak Duke: Kalisto will take this one. This is your typical David vs Goliath contest, which I will have Ryback squashing his diminutive opponent for most of the match. Kalisto’s persistence will pay off in the end with a successful title defense.
Winner: Kalisto

The Phenomenal Dylan Lyles: Honestly, this is my bathroom match. Kalisto is a fantastic worker and Ryback has been improving. That being said, I don’t care. Kalisto can do more with the belt than Ryback can so I’m going with Kalisto for the win. Hopefully this is a short feud and we can end it at Mania.
Winner: Kalisto

Hacksaw Jeremy Morrison: Feed me more … nachos. I’ll take two hot dogs. Large Coke. Oh, do you have onion rings? Whoops. Sorry. Figured I’d give you a glimpse of what I’ll be doing during this match. A trip to Pop’s sounds like a good break during this Kalisto v Ryback match. They’re perfectly fine. Just have no desire to watch this forced rivalry.
Winner: Kalisto
Bonus Prediction: Ryback Moves Forward in solo work and joins the IC ranks.


Divas Title Match: Becky Lynch vs Charlotte vs Sasha Banks

The Heartbreak Duke: This match will not disappoint! All three women deserve this chance in the spotlight at Wrestlemania 32. I am STOKED for this one. All three are deserving of holding the Divas championship. Actually, it should be renamed the Women’s Championship, but that’s a story for another time. This will be a fast-paced, back and forth match, and I’ve gone back and forth on my prediction. As with my IC title match prediction, I choose this Diva, as I think her winning will enable a wildly entertaining feud to continue.
Winner: Becky Lynch

The Phenomenal Dylan Lyles: This match will be the greatest women’s wrestling match in Wrestlemania history. These women, who I refuse to call divas, have been busting their ass to put on great matches on the main roster and in NXT. This will be a Wrestlemania moment to remember. I guarantee at the end of this match tears will be shed. Now, since the introduction of the “Divas Revolution” the fans have been crying for a Sasha Banks push. We saw her get cast to the side as Becky and Charlotte have been mainly involved with the title picture. Sasha Banks enters the title picture and the crowd goes crazy. What I want to happen and what I think will happen are two different things. I’m a huge Becky Lynch mark so I want her to go over. That being said, I only see one woman coming out on top here and that’s the Boss, Sasha Banks. Hopefully this leads to a rematch at Payback.
Winner: Sasha Banks

Hacksaw Jeremy Morrison: Next up is Divas Title action as the li’l Lass Kicker and The Boss look to beat the crap out of some stuck up Flair. Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks and Charlotte are set for a three-way and I’m all sorts of excited. Becky Lynch has been working her tail off as of late and earned the shot at holding the title at the end of this match. I don’t know if it’ll go down like that because there is a certain (lucky) charm to her “Oo, ya know I almost had your arse” promos. Add a lot of Warwick Davis to that quote and you’ll see what I mean. Sasha Banks could easily take the match though. Or Ric Flair could easily ensure Charolette limps away the winner. But I know it’ll be a fun one to watch. And the Lass Kicker is due a break.
Winner: Becky Lynch


Dean Ambrose vs Brock Lesnar

The Heartbreak Duke: This will be violent, no doubt. Ambrose will be broken at the end of this one, no doubt. Lesnar will lose, no doubt. Yes, I said it. Dean Ambrose might have to be carried out after this one, but all of the “passing of the torch” talk makes me think ol’ Dean will be victorious. Besides, Brock has to lose sometime, doesn’t he? A street fight is Dean’s best chance.
Winner: Dean Ambrose

The Phenomenal Dylan Lyles: Brutal. That’s one word I can use to describe what we will see between these two men Sunday night. Lesnar dominated since beating Taker two years ago, as he should be. He hasn’t been truly beaten since Summerslam 2012. Whoever finally gets a win on Lesnar will soar to the top of the roster. I believe Dean Ambrose will be the one to defeat the one in 22 and 1. Ambrose is the right guy to topple the Beast. This will not hurt Lesnar, he’s still the brutal ass kicker who will destroy anything in his path. However, it’s time for his “streak” to come to an end. With the street fight stipulation you leave the match open for shenanigans and openings for Ambrose to pick up the victory. This will not be the last time we see Ambrose for the night but we’ll get to that later.
Winner: Dean Ambrose

Hacksaw Jeremy Morrison: Dean Ambrose and Brock Lesnar will be a bloody mess. Isn’t it wonderful? This match has been so hyped up. Mick Foley and Terry Funk have even come to Dean Ambrose with advice and even gifting the Lunatic Fringe cherished items of destruction over the past two weeks. There is no denying The Beast Brock Lesnar is a force to be reckoned with in any type of match, but Dean Ambrose has tunnel vision right now. This match will be special. A smarter fan might go with Brock, but I have a feeling he’ll need some motivation for PAYBACK on May 1st.
Winner: Dean Ambrose


Hell in a Cell: Shane McMahon vs The Undertaker

The Heartbreak Duke: I am having a VERY hard time with this one. If Undertaker wins, why was Shane brought back? If Shane loses, what is the purpose for keeping him around after Wrestlemania? On the other hand, if Shane wins, two things will happen: Undertaker will be finished, and Shane will take control of RAW, eventually turning heel. This will be entertaining. Shane will be his usual Daredevil self, and Undertaker will carry the match like the consummate professional he is. I might as well flip a coin on this one. Here goes:
Winner: Shane McMahon

The Phenomenal Dylan Lyles: It was strange typing that. When this match was first announced, I was excited. Then, I thought about it and was confused. There’s no doubt in my mind this match will be awesome. These two will put on a spectacular show and the cell just adds to all of the bells and whistles that’ll be used to put on a great match. Unlike most, I enjoyed Monday’s table spot. It proved Shane O Mac can still pull off the daring spots he made famous in the past. I have a bad feeling on Sunday night we will see a spot that will rival the Taker/Mankind King of the Ring spot. Neither man needs to do that, especially at their age. I hope both men make it out of this match okay. I see Shane winning. I don’t know how but it doesn’t make sense to continue to dangle that idea of a “new Raw” just to have it squashed. I don’t believe this is Undertaker’s last Mania no matter the finish. They’ll bring him back one way or another.
Winner: Shane McMahon

Hacksaw Jeremy Morrison: As of right now the HELL IN A CELL is scheduled in the penultimate matchup. Shane-O-Mac goes head-to-head with The Undertaker. The fate of RAW hangs on this matchup, as well as The Undertakers. Shane has proven over the course of the last month he fears nothing, not even the Dead Man. Predicting a winner on this one is as easy as talking to a critic about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. I would like to see this match be pushed to the final slot, but more on that in a bit. Also, the one stipulation for the Undertaker is if he loses he’ll be finished as set by Mr. McMahon. Well, if Shane wins he’ll get control of RAW. Couldn’t Shane reinstate The Undertaker Monday night out of some sort of mutual respect? That is if The Dead Man isn’t already planning a retirement. Lets face it folks, time might be up for ‘Taker. He’s been at this a long time. Sometimes you need to hang up the boots. This match might be that show-stopping showcase. But at the hands of Shane McMahon? After all the battles. Years of ass kicking. Shane McMahon? Maybe.
Winner: Shane McMahon


World Title Match: Triple H vs. Roman Reigns

The Heartbreak Duke: Man, I hope my HBK appearance happens during this one! This will be a barn burner. This one has been built up very well over the past few weeks, and it would be disappointing if this match isn’t stellar. It will be physical, with many near falls. One thing is for sure: Triple H will not walk out with the title. Reigns will get his Wrestlemania moment, but only after a heel turn. Yup, I’m calling it here! Vince will screw his son-in-law, helping Roman to victory and making Trips face, in a bold double turn.
Winner: Roman Reigns

The Heartbreak Duke’s Final Thoughts: There you have it! Another year’s predictions in the books! This will be the biggest Wrestlemania ever, and it shouldn’t disappoint. What do you all think? Let me know at iconvsicon.com.

The Phenomenal Dylan Lyles: Surprisingly, this is the match I’m most interested in. Roman Reigns will get booed out of the building. At the same time, I see no chance Triple H will leave Wrestlemania with that title. So, here is my prediction with a bit of fantasy booking. This match will be physical and we will finally see some of the emotion from Reigns we saw at the beginning of this feud. After some brutal back and forth, Super Reigns hits Triple H with the Superman Punch and the Spear. He goes over clean. The crowd is pissed! The confetti is falling and Roman has that goofy smirk on his face. He’s still playing that sarcastic babyface everyone hates. Out limps Dean Ambrose and rolls in the ring to celebrate with his friend. He brings the beer they always talked about and the crowd dies down a little because everyone loves Dean. They toast and then Reigns smashes Ambrose in the face with his beer. He lays waste to Dean Ambrose. I’m talking about a 10- to 15-minute beat down. They’ve been lenient with the blood lately so I want to see it here. Ambrose is wearing a crimson mask. Reigns takes his hand, runs it across Ambrose’s face, and wipes the blood on the title and puts it over his shoulder. He walks to the top of the ramp, turns, and smirks. The crowd loses its minds and Wrestlemania goes off the air. One thing has to happen, Reigns needs to leave Mania as a heel. They’ve been pushing babyface Reigns for so long and it’s done nothing. I don’t blame Roman, he’s doing the best he can with what he’s been given. Roman is the kind of guy who should be a silent killer. A heel turn can do a lot for him.
Winner: Roman Reigns

The Phenomenal Dylan Lyles’ Final Thoughts: Wrestlemania 32 will be awesome. Mania is bigger than the card. We will all tune in and enjoy it as it’s our night to be proud wrestling fans. I’m excited for this coming weekend and it kicks off Friday night at NXT Takeover: Dallas! I hope you all have as much fun as I’m going to have!

Hacksaw Jeremy Morrison: Last but not least we have Triple H vs Roman Reigns in what is expected to let all the air out of the awesomeness that was ‘Taker and Shane-O-Mac. We all know Roman Reigns is winning this match. Like we all knew he was losing the title to Triple H at the Royal Rumble. So on and so forth. WWE Creative backed the fans into a corner. Personally, I like the cut of Reigns’ jib. I’d like him to roll with the title for a while. But the WWE Universe isn’t going to allow it until he turns heel. So, back to that Hell in a Cell match for a second. Move this match to the 10 slot, bring HIAC up to the finale. Now, after Roman is booed out of the arena, fans have something to focus on. As Shane and Taker battle relentlessly for dominance, suddenly Roman’s music hits. He breaks into the Cell and either a) delivers a spear to Shane and assists Taker or b) delivers a Superman Punch to the Dead Man and pulls Shane on top of Taker for the 1-2-3. I guess there could be another option, too. C) have him partner with Vince to screw Shane.
That is a fantasy. As is scheduled one can assume he’ll turn heel before the night is out, but it won’t take much effort from WWE Creative. I’ve heard rumblings he may turn on Dean Ambrose post match setting up Payback on the road to a huge Summer Slam where I’ll guess Seth Rollins might find himself in the mix setting up a frenemy triple threat?
Winner: Roman Reigns is your new WWE World Champion 

Hacksaw Jeremy Morrison’s Final Thoughts: There you have it, folks. One thing is certain, the pros heavily outweigh the cons when it comes to WrestleMania 32. I’ll be watching on the edge of my seat. Hopefully these predictions don’t prove too embarrassing. I hope you all have a wonderful WrestleMania experience, regardless of the outcome.

 is more than just a one day event; it is a week-long celebration as WWE will take over the Dallas region during WrestleMania Week. In addition to WrestleMania 32 presented by SNICKERS, other activities will include: WrestleMania Axxess – WWE’s four-day, interactive fan festival at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center; WWE NXT® at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center Arena; the 2016 WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony at American Airlines Center; Monday Night Raw® at American Airlines Center and more than a dozen activities designed to give back to the host community including “Be a STAR®” anti-bullying rallies, hospital visits and Make-A-Wish events. Additional information on these events will be announced in the future at www.wrestlemania.com.

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