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DEVIL’S DUE: The Terrifying Devil Baby Attack Video Goes Viral!

Don’t miss the latest YouTube sensation – in honor of DEVIL’S DUE opening in theaters everywhere this Friday. Thanks to the hidden cameras, you can watch the animatronic child terrify New Yorkers as it embarks in a rampage in a remote controlled stroller. Check out the video below! In addition, DEVIL’S DUE has partnered with VICE to present an exclusive two part series on […]

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Movie Review: Jim Mickle’s ‘We Are What We Are’ Is A Dark Delight

Director Jim Mickle has spent the past several years serving up some truly head turning films such as ‘Mulberry Street’ and the post-apocalyptic vampire tale “Stake Land.” His latest cinematic endeavor, 2013’s ‘We Are What We Are,’ is no less beautifully horrifying. “We Are What We Are” focuses in on the Parker Family, who hail […]

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Official Site and Final Poster For ‘I, FRANKENSTEIN’ Launched

Lionsgate has just released the final poster for the fantasy action movie, I, FRANKENSTEIN! In a dystopic present, war rages between guardian gargoyles and beastly demons, and Frankenstein’s monster, Adam, must decide if his immortality is worth fighting for.  I, FRANKENSTEIN opens nationwide January 24, 2014!! Ready to discover the history behind I, FRANKENSTEIN? Delve deep into the world of gargoyles and demons with this […]