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NOISIA Compose Soundtrack for Capcom’s ‘Devil May Cry’ Videogame; U.S. Tour Dates Confirmed

International videogame company Capcom, in close collaboration with Ninja Theory, has announced that Dutch electronic music trio NOISIA has composed the music for the upcoming DmC Devil May Cry videogame out January 2013. NOISIA’s specially curated music will be heard during the title’s cinematics and gameplay, including combat. NOISIA created over three hours of original music for DmC Devil May Cry and have been working on this project […]

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The Castlevania Franchise Grows Even Mightier With ‘Castlevania: Lords of Shadow’

The original Castlevania debuted on the NES 24 years ago and there have been numerous sequels, prequels and other entries in the franchise on nearly every game console since then. The latest installment, Lords of Shadow, hits the reset button, starting the franchise from scratch. Like many of its predecessors, Lords of Shadow tells the […]