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Greg Prato’s ‘Scott Weiland: Memories of a Rock Star’ Offers An Inside Look At One of Rock’s Greats

From late 1992 and throughout the remainder of the decade, if you spent any amount of time watching MTV or listening to rock radio, you were bound to come in contact with a tune by Stone Temple Pilots. With such classic releases as ‘Core,’ ‘Purple,’ and ‘Tiny Music…Songs from the Vatican Gift Shop’ selling millions […]

Music News

Greg Prato Examines Two Legendary Bands In ‘The Faith No More & Mr. Bungle Companion’

Despite being listed as an influence on countless notable bands, there has neverbeen a book that tells the complete story of both Faith No More and Mr. Bungle. Until now. Author/journalist Greg Prato‘s tenth book overall, ‘The Faith No More& Mr. Bungle Companion,’ serves as both a career overview and analyzation of both bands – tracing their […]